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Matches, Lighters, Disappearing Acts: OLTL

crismatchOn today’s One Life To Live there was a common theme throughout the show. Cristian lit a match, then blew it out and reached toward his recent painting with the match, only to have Layla grab his hand. This was followed by a scene where the kissed, then, it was back to Cris blowing out the match, and reaching toward the painting, then Layla grabbing his hand, just like before only with a different scene to follow, the scene of what was actually going on. This same scenario happened to Schuyler and Gigi, only with a lighter, and also happened to Rex and Natalie.Also, John also had some sort of weird interaction with the matches and Natalie that really through me for a loop.  I’m sure this is some sort of metaphor or maybe its just a new way of doing dream sequences. Either way, it was interesting. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Special thanks to my girl, Kristel, for getting the picture for me!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!–Jessica

OLTL Spoiler Alert! 8/31/09

So Jessica’s lucky ass is going to Vegas and we wish her a great time! While she is gone, I will be handling her difficult duties…Just kidding~ As much as we will miss our Jess, the show, or in this case the spoilers, must go on! Click the pic of the drug slangin Mayor Lowell to see what’s happening in the future of Llanview…

Ginamayor lowell

OLTL Casting News!


If you were ever a fan of As The World Turns, you may remember Damian Grimaldi’s evil, sick, and twisted not-so mother Orlena. The actress was highly missed when she left the show, if I remember correctly. Good news OLTL fans! The actress who played Orlena, Saundra Santiago, has been cast as Carlotta Vega. Christian’s mother has not been seen on screen but I did notice that her name has been mentioned in recent weeks. Maybe Carlotta can convince Christian to just tell Layla how he feels about her and get it over with!

Tearin Up My….Mini Cooper OLTL

logo_oltlToday’s episode was highly entertaining as Gigi and Stacey had it out with each other. Stacey smashed in Gigi’s windowsheild and wrote “bitch” all over the mini cooper with lip stick. Because of course she had lipstick, even though all she was wearing was her underwear and a fur coat that isn’t hers. Stacey also, for whatever reason, took her shoes off before letting Gigi’s car have it. Gigi ranted at Stacey about how much Rex hates her and how she’s a tramp and yada, yada, yada…..she also got a little ghetto with her gestures. I must say, I liked it. I’ve been watching Farah Fath since her days on DOOL and I think she is finally really coming into her own. Anyway, Stacey said something about giving Gigi a “blow by blow” (instead of the normal terminology of “play by play”) and then Gigi gave her a blow of her own. She knocked that super skank to the ground, then picked her up and got in her face which then ended up in Stacey being knocked down the stairs. So sad…..oh wait, no, not so much!  The best part? Gigi told Stacey if she messed with her family again, she’d kill her. Awesome!

Roxy came flying into the hosptial like a bat out of hell yelling at Rex for not telling her that Shane was “sick” again. Rex filled her and then yelled at her for her part in Stacey’s scam. Roxy went into denial mode but when Rex wouldn’t let up, she finally started admitting things. She would not, however, give him the name of the donor or admit if the donor was his father. Rex figured it out though and demanded a name.

Langston and Starr were playing with baby Hope and discussing Markko’s situation. Langston referred herself and Markko as Aunt Lang and Uncle Markko which I found to be super cute. The girls continued their talk and discussed how long it had been since they had had sex. I found this to be slightly amusing. Each have only had sex once and they already are wanting more? I’m pretty sure thats not how it works….guys don’t know what they are doing until they are at least 25! Anyway, Cole came in and Langston excused herself so that Cole and Starr could have some alone time. Starr and Cole talked about Cole’s undercover project and he told her that John was putting him up in an apartment. Starr immediately started making plans of moving in so that they could be a family with the baby.  Cole quickly shot down the idea as he said it was too dangerous. He and Starr shared an intense kiss and he suggested that maybe it was time for him to leave. Starr then asked him to stay the night with her. 

Over at Llanfair, Markko enjoyed a nice dinner with Viki, Charlie and Jessica. Viki tried her best to make him feel more comfortable and he was very appreciative. Even Jessica took a stab at it and asked him to help her with her new camcorder.  Later, Langston came to visit and was on her way out, giving a goodnight kiss to Markko when his father showed up. Ugh!

After leaving Llanfair, Jessica went to Brody’s and was waiting for him when he returned. She tried to help him study for the police academy but Brody was quick to realize that she was upset. He asked how it went with Cole and Starr and she explained how horrid it was. She told Brody she didn’t  want to bother him with it and he told her she comes first, always. It was very sweet and then they kissed.

Brody had just come from the hallway where he met Cristian for the first time. Cristian was there to see Kyle. Brody filled him in on all the bad things that Kyle had done already. Cris explained why he needed to see Kyle and Brody asked him why he cared so much. Yes, Cris, why do you care so much? Brody pointed out the obvious and told him that it sounded like he cared an awful lot about Layla. After Brody left, Cris resisted the temptation to pick up the note that was under Kyle’s door. He walked away only to turn around and pick the letter up and read it. It was from Fish.

At Cris, Layla, and Fish’s apartment, Layla was yelling at Fish for bragging that she is his girlfriend. This turned into Fish digging himself out of a hole and saying that he feels like he has to keep up with the guys at work to fit in and stuff. Layla was trying really hard to get Fish to sleep with her but he resisted. Then when he changed his mind the light bulb turned on for Layla and she questioned him about being gay. Duh Layla!