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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Maurice Benard


GH’s Maurice Benard is an amazing actor, this is no secret. The fact that Sonny gets away with everything he does gives the character a bad rep. This week, Sonny’s daughter got beaten up badly and had to be hospitalized. When Kristina was questioned by Sonny and Lucky, she placed the blame on Ethan.

Sonny made a beeline for Ethan and put his pistol right up to his face, screaming that Ethan had beat up his little girl. I can’t lie, my heart literally swooned. Later, he went to Kristina and cried by his bedside as he remembered his own experience with domestic violence. Sonny’s tears became my tears and suddenly I was seeing him in a whole new light.

Kudos to Maurice Benard, Lexi Ainsworth, and Christian Alexander for making this storyline real without hitting to close to home.