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OLTL–Bringing the Edge Back to Llanview

fishandparents This past week on One Life To Live we met Oliver Fish’s parents, Barbara and George. Really? Barbara and George? Ha! Anyway, we got to see first hand why Fish had been hiding in the closet for so long. His parents are seemingly very judgmental and he does not want to disappoint them. We first saw their reaction to Leyla. They were unaware that she is African American and pointed out that Fish had never mentioned it to them but they insisted that it didn’t matter. If it didn’t matter, then why make such a big deal about it!? Then things got real ugly when George found the book that Cris had bought for Fish. He went on and on about how it was clear that Cris was the one who was gay. George continued to put his foot in his mouth and Cris got in his face a few times. Finally, when George informed his son that he could not live with “these people” Fish finally broke it down for him and told him he was the one that was gay and not Cris. George was in denial and Fish asked his mother to help. She was reluctant but shared her knowledge of Fish and Kyle with George.

I have to give major props to OLTL for telling not one, but two edgy and relevant stories. Sadly in the year 2009 there are still many prejudices against homosexuals and bi-racial couples. I think the show is doing a great job telling both stories. While the focus is on Fish coming out to his parents, I think it is important to tell the story of bi-racial couples as well. What do you guys think? Do you like the storyline and is it realistic? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live! –Jessica