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Y&R: Cry Me A River



Since Cane blew into town a few years ago and blessed us with his presence, we have seen many facets of his complex persona. We have seen Cane get pissed, throw punches, and be the shoulder for everyone to cry on. We have seen him lie and scheme and make it look good. It looks good because Daniel Goddard looks good. We know we are not the only people who think that Lily and Cane’s current storyline is a snoozefest, but we have respect for the issue that is cancer and can feel the emotions portrayed by these two people. On today’s episode, Cane finally broke down from the fear he feels about losing Lily if she loses her battle with cancer. We have never quite seen Daniel put that much effort into a scene, but it did have the desired effect. Some tweeted that they thought it was overkill. What did you think? Was Cane’s crying fit a little over the top, or did Daniel do it just right? Please leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!

Could This Be Y&R’s New Malcolm?


Rumor has it that known hottie Marcus Patrick was seen trying out for the role of Malcolm Winters on Y&R. Since Shemar Moore is unavailable due to his stellar (and sexy) role on Criminal Minds, we believe Marcus to be one hell of a consolation prize. Lily’s quarantine may have been lifted, but her cancer storyline is far from over. It’s about time Malcolm comes to Genoa City to give his daughter the love and support she needs. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have some new eye candy in town.