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AMC: Red Liza is Out For Revenge!

Never mess with a woman scorned, least of all AMC’s Red Liza! This week, Red Liza’s pain over being dumped by Tad will turn into bitter anger and she will pledge to get even. No clues on what kind of revenge we are talking about just yet. However, there aren’t many women who can deliver spiteful bitch like Jamie Luner. I am sure it will make for some great entertainment!


Pine Valley is a busy place lately with the big dance off going on, but the laughs just keep on coming! Iryan tuned in yesterday and spent the entire 60 minutes laughing my ass off at the ridiculousness of it all. Madison was on the roof, swearing she was going to jump. All she needed was a little push. No big deal. But did Frankie do the right thing? NO! Inside, a jealous Kendall was raging at seeing her Zach making out with Red Liza and having a good time. Of course, her presence was discovered by none other than Aidan, who delivered a pretty crappy punch line. Also amusing was Annie and Ryan, dancing the night away while trying to one up each other with insults.amanda On the creepy side, David looked as if he was dragging a corpse around the dance floor in the form of a VERY unhappy Amanda while Jake looked on in horror. If you are looking for a way to take off some stress, watch AMC with a stiff drink. Erica is supposed to give Annie a swirly this week!

AMC Spoiler Alert! 8/31/09

I think we all knew deep down inside that Amanda and Jake’s little prank wasn’t REALLY going to work.amanda SoapCentral.com is just one of the sources reporting that the whole Trevor switch debacle will be blown out of the water. Would we want it any other way? Click on the pic the terrified couple to see what else Soap Central has to predict for next week!


AMC Fall TidBits

AMC fans! Here are a few tidbits to hold you over for a while:

emmaThe killer will finally be revealed. I have made several predictions about who I think it is. The latest was either Emma or Adam himself. It’s looking like it may have been Emma after all.

Liza and her not-so pregnancy will be revealed to all when the real mother of Little Stuart rolls through Pine Valley.

Amanda will be forced to move in with David in order to keep Trevor safe. I have a feeling that this move will not be good on her marriage to Jake.

It has been eluded to several times since her “death”, but it seems Greenlee is alive and being kept by David somewhere. It looked like a hospital of some sort to me.

J.R. will be diagnosed with cancer. He and Marissa will keep it a secret from everyone else.