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Fresh on Our Radar: Nathan Parsons


When Ethan Lovett first came to Port Charles, we weren’t even sure if the actor was really Australian. In fact, some fans rejected Ethan from the start. The same could be said for his brother Lucky, who seemed to hate him on sight. Over time, Ethan has managed to form bonds with Lucky and the rest of the Spencer clan and melt our hearts at the same time. Nathan Parsons is not only easy on the eyes, but incredibly enjoyable to watch. It helps that his character brings a lightness to GH that is sometimes necessary. Did we mention he is HOT?

GH: Dante Tells Lulu “I Love You”!


GH fans rejoice! This week, Sonny senses something is up when Olivia tries to get him to skip town. Sonny will consider retiring his mob crown to Dominic, unaware that Dante is his son. Michael will discover the truth about Dante’s paternity and attempt to put the kibosh on his reign over Port Charles. All this secret keeping is hard work, and Dante fears that Lulu will become a casualty of all the duplicity. Next week, Dante will finally tell Lulu that he loves her, but thanks to Michael’s shenanigans, will it be too late?

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GH: Lip Licking in the Limo!


Finally! Dante took Lulu on their first official date today, but things almost didn’t go as planned. Lulu was none to pleased with Dante’s plan to take her to the opera, opting to go to the club instead. Dante managed to convince Lulu to give the opera a try. Lulu was overcome with the emotions that the opera brought out in her, and informed Dante that the date was the best she ever had. In the limo on the way home, a serious make out session ensued that appeared to be getting steamier by the second. Just when I thought we were finally going to get the hot sex session we have patiently been waiting for, the damn driver opened the door and announced that they had arrived at their destination. Damn it all to hell! Better luck next time Dante! That sexy bastard just cannot catch a break when it comes to matters of the sexual kind….

GH: 2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad….

Watching the tweets roll by today, couldn’t help but do this. Wardrobe kind of got it right today.

Lulu – Beautiful! Great color and her hair looked amazing today!


Olivia – Gorgeous! Love the color on her too and her hair looked amazing as well!


Sam – Is that an ace bandage? She looked pretty from the neck up, the rest? Not so much.