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Y&R: Malcolm, Is That You?!


I would say that I have a first impression of Darius McRary, but I would be lying. Of course, Darius made his first Y&R appearance as Malcolm in the last two minutes of air time. We were privy to the instant hatred felt by both Neil and Malcolm as soon as Lily announced his presence with an “Oh my God!”. Regardless of who is playing Malcolm, I am happy to see this character back on the canvas. We never did see the fallout from Lily’s paternity reveal, so it’s time for Neil to confront his brother and get it over with. I am also interested to see how Lily reacts to her “dad” now that he has decided to suddenly come back to town. What were your first thoughts on the new Malcolm? Leave us a comment below and let us know. Thanks!

Thanks to Daytime Confidential for the screen cap!

Y&R: Meet Our New Malcolm!


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Darius McCrary has been cast as Malcolm Winters on Y&R. Darius once portrayed Eddie Winslow on Family Matters from back in the day. First air date is December 29 and McCrary has inked a multi-year deal. Hmmm. Tell us what you think about this casting, leave us a comment below! We are kind of excited that Y&R finally found someone to play the role, but we were clinging to hope that Shemar would find a way to come back.

Could This Be Y&R’s New Malcolm?


Rumor has it that known hottie Marcus Patrick was seen trying out for the role of Malcolm Winters on Y&R. Since Shemar Moore is unavailable due to his stellar (and sexy) role on Criminal Minds, we believe Marcus to be one hell of a consolation prize. Lily’s quarantine may have been lifted, but her cancer storyline is far from over. It’s about time Malcolm comes to Genoa City to give his daughter the love and support she needs. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have some new eye candy in town.

Y&R: Let’s Go Back To This!

Young and the Restless is either hot or cold, and the fans are not happy! The last two weeks have supposed to 1have been about family drama and rocking Genoa City to the core. Ok. Well, to us, the fans, it is the Sharon show mixed in with the Victor, Nikki, and Ashley debacle. Not to mention, the Colleen drowns herself drama and the after effects of that. We still have Adam, thank God, and I never thought I would be saying those words. Everything leading up to this last two weeks was full of scandal, lying, cheating, and art thieving. Remember the days when Victoria, Nina, or Tricia were with Ryan McNeil? What about the Victoria, Ashley, and handsome Cole Howard triangle? That was the stuff that soaps were made of. Dru, Malcolm, and Neil? HOT HOT HOT! Y&R has a reputation for being a soap with a little class and dignity. All of the fans, including us, want to go back to the old days. We need Y&R to remind us of why we ever fell in love with it in the first place.