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GH: No More Jolivia? No more Spixie? WTF say what?

So I received a message from a little birdie last night who let it slip that May sweeps would bring severe heart break to some GH fans. Word on the soap street is that by the end of sweeps, Jolivia and Spixie will be done. Could a JoMax coupledom be in the works? Some fans say yes. Other fans want to know what ever happened to Matt? I know some fans that still hold out for a Maxie and Matt pairing.

Skank of the Month: Maxie Jones


Now, I hate to do this, seeing as how Maxie is my all time favorite GH diva (besides Brenda & Courtney, respectively), but she deserves it. The honor of Skank of the Month goes to Maxie for having sex (yes, it was HOT) with Franco. Just when I thought she had turned over a new leaf and was completely devoted to Spinelli. One funky photo shoot and a few words from a very hot stranger were all it took to get Maxie all kinds of hot and bothered. Oh, the large amounts of wine she drank before the hot sex might have helped as well. Regardless, Maxie fell prey to her own weaknesses once again. In her confession to Lulu, Maxie made excuses for herself to appease her own guilt. Since then, she has made every effort to hide the facts from Spin, while he has been amping up the charm and sweetness. What does it all mean? Who the hell knows. Maxie will most likely lose Spin forever. Since we know that Franco won’t be around for very long, she may just end up alone.

GH: Pour Some Sugar on Me!


As I giant supporter of the FrancoMax hotness on General Hospital, I have to say that I am starting to mourn the loss of Spixie already. Yesterday’s eppy was pretty much a snoozefest:

Liz and Diane discussed the sale of Liz’s house. Sonny and Olivia talked about cooking. Jason and Sam talked about Franco. Lulu and Dante discussed, well, I’m not sure. Dante is so hot, I was too busy staring at him to contemplate the words that were coming out of his mouth.

A very moody Franco threw a mantrum in his studio, which was witnessed by his oh so sexy sometimes girlfriend. When she semi-confronted him about Maxie, Franco said that Maxie was simply a pawn in his ultimate plan. The best part of this conversation was when girlfriend chick asked Franco if Maxie was special to him, finishing with: “You don’t like me half the time.” to which Franco replied “I never like you.” Very funny.

Back to Spixie. Maxie was busy workin it out for Kate, and Spinelli (sensing that something is wrong) was busy kissing her ass. Spinelli’s loving words were like knives in Maxie’s heart and each compliment another twist of those knives. In the end, it looked as if Maximista’s guilt would ultimately get the better of her and a confession was imminent. Maybe today? Let’s hope so. I hate seeing Spinelli walk around with a giant L on his forehead.

Random: Did anyone else noticed that Franco’s presence is somehow working in Spinelli’s favor? He may be losing his one true love, but Bradford Anderson suddenly has way better wardrobe choices.

GH: Hot Damn Franco-Max!


Oh yeah, Guza definitely wrote Franco’s words “I make everything up”. No doubt about it! I very much enjoyed the scenes with Franco and Maxie today. Loved seeing that fire back in Maxie that has been missing for some time. Did I see some tweets saying that Maxie was drugged? I beg to differ! That girl knew exactly what she was doing and was loving it! As was I!! WTFraxie?!?! I did NOT expect to enjoy that! Nice!

Jason and this damn obsession with Franco waving at him has me LMFAO to no end! Do not mistake me for a Sam hater but can someone please tell me WTF was that crazy talk coming out of Sam’s mouth to Jason? Was she freakin’ serious? I wanted to hit her! My buddy said it best in this tweet:
@SOS_Ryan: Dear Sam: Here’s a nice hot cup of STFU. Enjoy? Kthxbye #GH

Jonathan Jackson was all over the place today! Shared scenes with both Bruce Weitz and Maurice Benard. I think the Lucky/Sonny scenes were great and obviously it’s leading into the whole Dante reveal. Which brings me to my favorite line today from Sonny to Dante “I pray that none of my kids ever become cops” HA! I have a feeling that Dante is going to get involved somehow with this Franco storyline. There was too much focus on his reaction to his artwork. I could be wrong, but makes me wonder.

OOPS! Olivia opens her door and who’s there? Johnny! The look on that girls face…ha! Funny how easily Sonny read the fear in her body, but so misunderstood it as she was scared of Johnny. Well, she was actually, just not in THAT way.

Final thought: Can that angst filled JoLivia scene at the end lead into a really hot make up sex scene?

Just sayin’