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Marie Wilson on Dayplayer Dish!

Soap fans! Join Lee and Lauren, as we chat with As The World Turns Star, Marie Wilson. Marie plays the role of Meg Synder, and she will be stopping by to chat about her experiences on ATWT, her previous role on Port Charles, and what is in store for Meg in the final months of ATWT. You won’t want to miss this interview!! Click here!

ATWT: Holden Goes to Jail!

1This week in Oakdale, a body floats up and is identified as that of Damian Grimaldi’s. Then a witness surfaces who puts Holden at the scene of the crime. Holden will be arrested, but will he really go down for this? Lily and a guild ridden Molly will team up to get Holden out of jail. Later, Reid claims that the body couldn’t possibly be Damian’s. Is he dead or not? Guess we will have to wait and see!

ATWT: Damian vs. Meg!

This week on ATWT, Meg will escape the sanitarium with a loaded syringe. Where will she go? After Damian of course! 1After a few sick rounds of “which one of is can talk the most trash”, Damian will overpower Meg, strangling her with her own scarf. All good fights must come to an end, and when this one is over, someone will be dead. Our bet is on Damian, because Paolo Seganti is exiting the canvas. Our guess? Things will not bode well for Meg. I smell a criminal trial coming on…