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Today’s Soapy Birthdays!

Brandon Beemer, 30 ( Owen, B&B / Shawn Brady, DAYS / Seth, GH )

Grant Show, 48 ( Jake Hanson, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 & Models Inc. ) / Archer Montgomery, Private Practice & Grey’s Anatomy / Rick Hyde, Ryan’s Hope )

Sally Spencer, 55 ( MJ McKinnon, Another World )

Elizabeth Taylor, 78 ( Helena Cassidine, GH / Boardmember at The Chateau, AMC )

Melrose Place Axed?!


Call me shitty. Just Jared is reporting that the CW has opted to pick up such shows as the Vampire Diaries and Supernatural for the next season of teen drama. However, they did not opt to renew Melrose Place, prompting me to ask this question: What the hell? For all the deets, head to Just Jared.com.

UPDATE: Some of my tweeps are reporting that no official decision has been made about the fate of Melrose Place and that a decision would be announced in May. Stay tuned!

What We Might Not Be Watching: Life Unexpected


If you visit the 411 on Soaps often, you know we are big fans of the CW and it’s many prime time dramas, as long as they are worth the hype. Such shows include Melrose Place, 90210, and Gossip Girl. That list may not include upcoming Life Unexpected, which is supposed to appease us until our regularly scheduled programming returns. It isn’t that the premise is so ridiculous, it’s the actors’ ages I can’t begin to take seriously in correlation with the storyline. A young girl is put up for adoption and goes in search of her real parents, whom she finds, they offer her a stable home….yada, yada, yada…

However, there is a plus to this show, Kerr Smith is in it, which prompts my interest to be peaked.

So, the moral of the story is: If you like light drama with a feel good twist, this may be the show for you. We, however, might be sitting this one out. Tell us what you think. Leave us a comment below!

The Melrose Meltdown


Well, the proverbial shit hit the fan on this week’s eppy of Melrose Place. Riley had a head on collision with Auggie that made her realize that eloping with Jonah would be, um, stupid. Sadly, Auggie kissed Riley in the presence of the red-headed psychopath, Violet. Riley and Jonah met up to get married, but the beautiful Ella interrupted with yet another chance of a lifetime for Jonah. Riley encouraged Jonah to take the opportunity, therefore squashing his hopes of getting married. Jonah then threw a mantrum, called off the wedding, and ran to Ella with his tail tucked between his legs.

In the meantime, our favorite doctor-hooker-intern Lauren got a call to go on a “job” with an old client. Once there, the guy tried to give Lauren drugs, which she of course refused. She didn’t refuse his offer of a glass of wine, which he of course drugged. Lauren overdosed shortly after and David had to come get her. Lauren was then rushed to the hospital. That she works at.

Through a series of flashbacks, we learned that Michael’s current wife is the one that offed Sydney. I hate to say it, but she probably had a good reason. Regardless, Violet also gained the knowledge and confronted Mrs. Mancini, resulting in a pool-catfight. It was old school Jane and Sydney for a hot second, but the Violet choked the life out of the good wife. Witness to this was Amanda, who quickly stood up for Violet, telling the police that it was self defense.

At the end of the episode, Jonah and Ella had sex. Normally, this would please me. However, it was Jonah, so pleased I am not. I am even more unhappy with the fact that Melrose Place will not air new episodes until after the new year. This is unsatisfactory, due to my need for scandalocity. We will keep you informed as to new eppy air dates, I promise!