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Melrose Place: A Hooker’s Life


Poor Lauren has her hands full with medical school, and being Riley’s maid of honor. Oh, let us not forget that whole prostitution thing she has going on. The question that is brewing is, how far is Lauren willing to go? Tonight’s episode proved that her new lady pimp is running the show, so Lauren herself is under her thumb. When the devil lady snaps, Lindsay has to go running to do someone for cash. We believe that Lauren might not make it through medical school or have any friends by the time this plot is over, if ever. The good news is, out of the mix of scandalocity and predictability of the new Melrose Place, Lauren’s story is by far the most interesting to watch. Don’t get us wrong, we love this show! However, the show is lacking in anything resembling real life. Lauren’s story can happen, and does all the time. We just wonder how extent the negative impacts could be. Thanks!

Jane Andrews: Back With a Bitchness Melrose Place

It was obvious that Jane Andrews would return to Melrose Place after the “demise” of sister Sydney. Jane has changed! She walked into that complex of youngins and told them how things were going to work. Jane pulled a fast one on Ella, who is quite competitive in nature. Later, the obviously psychotic Violet tried to shed crocodile tears while trying to sell a story of complete bull to Jane. As Jane pretended to play along, the only person that couldn’t see that Jane was about to dupe her was Violet herself. Jane had a confrontation with David, who of course is always having some confrontation going on. We hope that Jane and Auggie do the nasty in the very near future. That’s all we are saying! We are loving this feisty and sheisty new Jane!

Coming soon: Melrose Place: A Comparison

Gina and Jess

Men Without Clothes: Rob Estes, Steve Burton, & Robert Buckley!


Here are some hotties we thought we would feature for a triple threat Men Without Clothes. Enjoy Divas!

Jess and Gina

Rob estes



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