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Michael Muhney Wins at 2010 Soap Opera Spirit Awards!


Amongst the many winners of the 2010 Soap Opera Spirit Awards, my oh so favorite soap actor Michael Muhney took home honors for being the Outstanding Male Actor in a New Role or Recast, along with GH cutie Drew Garrett. The honors are much deserved! To see all the winners, click here.

2009’s Most Believable Case of SORAS: Michael Corinthos


This year on General Hospital, the Corinthos and Davis kids each caught a serious case of SORAS. This was casting at it’s best. Kristina, Morgan, and Molly resemble each other and are all three fabulous actors. The big props go to the casting department for snagging Drew Garrett in the role of Michael Corinthos. Some argue that Michael is, well, too much attitude and not enough respect, which is all true. After everything that has happened in Michael’s life this year, it is understandable that the kid may be a little screwed up in the head. Drew delivered it well, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table in 2010. As an afterthought, I think it is important to mention the best line to ever leave Steve Burton’s mouth in a scene with Drew:

“You’re acting like a little bitch right now!”

General Hospital: Some Kind of Snoozefest!


Why do I always get robbed out of a good soap day when I am off from work? Never fails. Highlight of today’s show for me: Lulu and Olivia. I am a big LuDa supporter and I can totally see a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship with these two. Looks like we will not be getting Laura anytime soon and Olivia is such a mom, Lulu needs this, because in that department, Carly is useless! Carly has always been one of my faves, especially Laura Wright’s version, but she is working my nerve lately! Which brings me to my newfound hate for her kid, Michael Corinthos III. I’m going to need somebody to put that little dude in his place pronto! I, for one, can’t wait until it comes out that Dante, not this little brat, is Sonny’s first born! That’s going to make my year! (Yes, I know he’s not biologically his, but you know what I mean) Leading into Sonny’s other offspring Kristina, WAKE UP!! I am quite interested to see who offs Kiefer; we know it’s bound to happen. I vote for Dante. Quick note on yesterdays show: Morgan is my favorite little dude for telling his mama off and Sam made a very valid point about that little brat Michael that I totally agreed with. Then today I get JaSam shoved down my throat! Sorry, but I may be one of the few sick of these two and their back and forth mess. Let’s get these two hooked up with two totally different people, please. Is it time for Ingo’s vacay yet? If so, can we send Drew with him? That’s all for today. Thank you to johnnyandolivia.com for this pic.