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Y&R: Who “Killed” Adam?

My Twitter account has been blowing up with questions from Y&R fans about Adam’s untimely demise. Is he really dead? I hope not. Was it actually Adam? Hope not. Last week, Adam’s body was positively identified, but not by dental records. So far, Chance has questioned Jack and Patty. This week, Victoria will be linked to the murder. We all know what Victoria was doing when the crime took place: Billy. However, her lies to cover up that relationship lead Chance straight to her.

No one is talking about Adam’s death, including Michael Muhney. So, until some one confirms that Adam is dead and Muhney is gone, I choose to believe he is alive and well and laughing his ass off at all of us.

Y&R: No More Muhney?


You know how much I adore Michael Muhney (Adam, Y&R), and recently he has been tweeting about auditioning for Hawaii 5-0 redo. His contract is expiring soon. Will this be the end of my mini-obsession with Muhney? I say no, but I also say no to Hawaii 5-0. Not knocking it, just not for me. If Muhney leaves, I will be sad, however Y&R will carry on, and a new or and or used psycho will take his place. I wish him luck in all his ventures!

Best Recast of 2009: Michael Muhney


We all the know the story: Christopher Engan played the role of Adam Wilson (Victor Newman, Jr.) on Y&R and he played it pretty well. Engan walked off the set after finding out that he would have to pretend to be a little gay, citing several crappy reasons for his departure. The role was immediately recast with Michael Muhney of Veronica Mars fame. We want to give credit where credit is due. Muhney was thrown into the role and after a few short weeks, I was asking myself what I ever saw in Engan. Muhney has since made the role his own, even making Adam almost redeemable for the evil things he has done. Almost.

Y&R: Thanks For The Laugh Guys!

Have you ever just had one of those days where nothing seems to perk you up? Where not even a Starbucks or a double fudge brownie couldn’t cure? Today is one of those days. After watching today’s soaps, I was left feeling empty handed, like I hadn’t received enough of my daily drama intake. I turned on Twitter to see if there was anything going on, and something caught my eye. A twitpic posted by Christian Le Blanc with a vague message of “I walk into the dressing room and this is what I see”. So I click on the link and this is what I see:


At first, I couldn’t tell if these were male or female legs, although I knew no woman in her right mind would be caught wearing that insane sock&sandal combination. I checked Twitter and once again, a twitpic from Christian with a message “wait for it, wait for it” and this:


Of course by now, my mind is telling me it is none other than Michael Muhney. However, I began to tweet with other soapsters about today’s episode of Y&R and forgot about Christian’s twitter picture show. I didn’t forget for long and quickly went on the hunt. After a short search, I discovered this, with a short message of “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! It’s Muhney!” or something along those lines:


If you were having a crappy day, I hope this cheered you up. Thanks to Christian Le Blanc and Michael Muhney for cracking me up. It’s the little things that count!