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OLTL: Another Kramer Debacle


This week in Llanview, Dorian thinks all is well now that the dubious Mitch is behind bars once again. Sadly, Dorian’s joy will be short lived when Andrew, Cassie’s ex, shows up with devastating news. This is only a guess, but the tea that Cassie was drinking in last week’s phone call scenes might have been poisoned by Mitch or his cronies. My guess is that Andrew is coming to town to announce Cassie’s sudden death. Whatever the tragedy is, it will solidify Gina Tognoni’s stay on the show as Kelly decides to stay in town to help the family cope with the grief. Which Kramer girl do you think is in trouble? With so much emphasis on Adriana and Kelly, little was said of Cassie and her tea……

Update: Thanks to Jason, who left a comment on the 411, I now know that Dorian has a sister named Melinda. It is more likely that Andrew will show up to announce her death. I pondered why they would bring back Cassie just for one scene. Thanks Jason!

OLTL: Mitch has Jessica Kidnapped!


This week in Llanview, Mitch continues to get the upper hand after luring Brody, and ultimately Jessica, into a trap. After Jessica receives a letter from Mitch requesting a meeting, Brody sticks Jess with a guard and goes to meet Mitch himself. While Mitch has Brody busy at the docks, Nurse Charles will sneak into the Lord mansion, drug Jessica, and kidnap her! Even more interesting, I read on Daytime Confidential that Jessica will soon be gaining yet another personality, one named Melissa, who will go back to high school with Starr and Langston and the gang. Messica is fun to say, so that is just okay with us!

OLTL Casting News


Merry Christmas soap fans! There is good news and bad news to report. The good news is that Gina Tognoni will finally be returning as Kelly on February 12, 2010. Gina’s return should boost ratings as they have been at their lowest for OLTL lately. The bad news is that Roscoe Born will exit his role as Mitch Laurence soon, according to Nelson Branco’s Soapgeist. I will post more details on Born’s exit as soon as they come in. Thanks!

OLTL: Will Mitch Laurence De-Skank Llanview?


This week on OLTL, Mitch will add Stacy the Skank to his list of victims after he sets his sights on her unborn baby. Sadly, Mitch has big plans for the “stax” baby, and Stacy most likely will not be included. Since Crystal Hunt has been let go from the show, could Stacy be the next one to die at Mitch’s hands? The joke will be on Mitch when the truth about the baby’s real daddy, Trout, I mean Fish is finally revealed. In fact, the joke will pretty much be on everyone and it will be all Stacy’s fault. If Mitch doesn’t kill her, she is going to wish he had!

OLTL: Will The Real Crypt Keeper Please Rise Up?

mitchcoffinOn today’s One Life To Live we got quite a shock. At Jared’s funeral, with tears streaming throughout the church, Mitch Laurence rose up out of Jared’s casket like the evil, creepy, slimeball that he is. I, for one, thought WTH? Although I knew that it was going to happen, it was still shocking. So, what does this mean for Natalie, Jessica, and Rex? Someone is gonna go psycho, and I don’t think its going to be Jessica this time. Lets hope that someone puts this guy in the ground for good this time around!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live! –Jessica 🙂