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OLTL: Natalie Sees a Ghost

1Mitch’s plan will come to fruition starting this week and everyone in Llanview will be impacted in some way. Jessica is in danger, and Natalie will spring into action to save the day. On February 8, Natalie will face some dangerous circumstances. Look for John Brotherton to appear as Jared, most likely in ghost form, who will help Natalie through the difficult time. Will it really be Jared that Natalie sees, or someone more real, perhaps John?

When One Door Closes…Another Opens OLTL

1 On Friday’s One Life To Live, Jared was pronounced dead. For months I’ve been saying that with Jared gone, this leaves the door wide open for John to come back into Natalie’s life. Whether it be romantically or as a friend, we are pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Natalie and John together. What do you guys think will happen? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanks to my girl Gina for finding a great picture!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live! –Jessica

Wishful Thinking: Greg Vaughan


We have come to terms with the fact that Greg Vaughan will no longer be portraying Lucky Spencer on General Hospital. We have even warmed to the idea of Jonathan Jackson assuming his original role. However, we still want Greg on our screens daily. We have come up with a few simple and agreeable compromises:

We think now is the perfect time for Greg to reprise his role as Diego on Young and the Restless. Diego was “hero” type and hot as hell. It should come as no surprise that his damsel in distress was Sharon Newman. Now that Sharon is all alone, Diego could come back to Genoa City and show Sharon how it should be done. We think it would be even more exciting if Greg pulled a Sarah J. Brown, and came back to Y&R as a whole new character with a brand new name and a brand new identity that Greg could make his own.

On One Life to Live, Jared is either going to leave Llanview or die a horrible death, or so we assume since John Brotherton has been let go. This will leave poor voluptuous Natalie all alone to play mystery busters all by herself. We think now would be the perfect time for a new hottie with a penchant for red adventurous heads to stroll into town in the form of Greg Vaughan. Character name? Who gives a damn? We just want him back on our screen… Melissa Archer (Natalie) is hot, Greg is hot, it all makes sense to us!

What do you think Greg’s next role should be? Drop us a note below and let us know. We love to hear from you!

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