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DAYS November Sweeps Preview

Here are a few spoilers regarding November Sweeps from Soap Opera Weekly:

– Nicole and Stefano figure out that Rafe is going to “expose the truth” about Sydney.

– Bo must keep secrets from Hope, because of Carly. This moves Bo and Hope further apart.

– Victor tells Brady that Arianna is a drug dealer, and Brady is very angry.

– “Vivian and Victor reconnect over their mutual hatred of Carly.”

– Philip tries to enlist Stephanie’s help in breaking up Nathan and Melanie.

– “EJ turns against his father.”



Days Spoiler Alert 10/19

1Looks like Nicole is always covering her ass, and next week will be no different as she attempts to sleep with Chad to get him to stop asking questions. The search for Rafe will continue and Brady will join in and lend a hand. Daniel has some bad news to tell Chloe….If you want the scoop for what else is coming up in Salem, click on the link. Let us take you to the Days Cafe. They have spoilers for the next two weeks. Thanks.

The Spectator: Spoilers for week of October 12th

Monday, October 12
Carly’s flight makes an emergency landing and Omar takes her away on his boat; Victor asks Bo why Kate is still free after her recent crimes; Hope brings Justin to the lodge to execute paperwork transferring Ciara to a private school.

Tuesday, October 13
Brady comes clean about helping Nicole with her baby deception; Roman informs Sami and Arianna that Meredith Hudson has disappeared; Sami goes to Grace’s grave; Rafe goes into cardiac arrest; Justin encourages Bo to reach out to his wife.

Wednesday, October 14
Sydney interrupts Daniel and Chloe while they kiss; Carly must save Rafe from hypothermia; when he realizes Nicole adopted his daughter, Chad sets out to find his baby; E.J. confronts Brady about helping Nicole lie about Sydney.

Thursday, October 15
Mia reveals that she still loves Will; Sami realizes that she wants to help Nicole; Bo learns that Hope and Ciara are moving out; a traitorous crewman nearly kills Carly; Victor interrupts an intimate moment between Daniel and Chloe.

Friday, October 16
No details44