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B&B: Oops She Did it Again!

Since this year began, B&B has been hard to watch even though it’s only 19 minutes long. Steffy seems to be running everything and everyone and Ridge and Brooke are STILL having sex in every episode. The 6/4 episode changed all that for me. Judging by the reactions on Twitter and other soap blogs, I am not the only one. Brooke has managed to sleep with her virgin daughter Hope’s boyfriend Oliver. It wasn’t that long ago that Brooke had a torrid affair with Deacon Sharpe who just so happened to be married to her daughter Bridget. That affair led to the birth of Hope. The irony is uh-mazing.

Brooke, still clinging to her youth, donned the exact same dress as her daughter and seduced Oliver, whom she thought was Ridge, up against the side of the building. Oliver looked pleased as punch when he returned to the party, only to look up and see Hope. The look on his face was priceless as he realized that he hadn’t been with Hope after all. In slow motion, Oliver’s new lover sauntered into the party and pulled off her mask. Voila! It’s Mother of the Year, Brooke Logan Forrester!

Brooke is so fertile, if a man blows on her she gets pregnant. I seriously hope that isn’t the case with Oliver. However, I do look forward to seeing the fallout from this dirty debacle. It makes for good story!

Thanks to Daytime Confidential for the screencap!

B&B: Steffy’s Latest Scheme

Just when Hope thinks that things are finally going her way, the evil Steffy Forrester strikes again! This week, Hope is offered a scholarship to a prestigious university on the other side of the country, but is hesitant to take it because of her feelings for Oliver. Of course, Steffy sees this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of Hope. She sets a plan in motion to totally humiliate Hope during the launch of the Hope for the Future campaign. Shocked? Neither am I! Steffy’s plan is almost thwarted by Oliver, but she quickly recovers. Will she get rid of Hope, or will Steffy’s plan backfire in her face?

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