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GH: No More Jolivia? No more Spixie? WTF say what?

So I received a message from a little birdie last night who let it slip that May sweeps would bring severe heart break to some GH fans. Word on the soap street is that by the end of sweeps, Jolivia and Spixie will be done. Could a JoMax coupledom be in the works? Some fans say yes. Other fans want to know what ever happened to Matt? I know some fans that still hold out for a Maxie and Matt pairing.

GH: Holy Solivia Smooch Mobman!


Jolivia fans might as well stop the DVR this week as Sonny and Olivia continue to grow closer. So close in fact, that the two ex lovers will share a steamy kiss. Not only are we going to be pissed, but so will Dante when he saunters in to talk to his mama and finds her in a lip lock with the mob boss. Oy Vey! I can’t imagine that Johnny isn’t going to find out about the kiss, especially after Olivia herself admitted to him that she still had feelings for Sonny. Could this be the final nail in the Jolivia coffin?