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KishKiss (3)

TV Guide Magazine is reporting that Brett Claywell and Scott Evans have been fired from OLTL and will be gone by April.
According to the mag:

Spoiler Alert! On the March 29 episode, Fish will learn for certain what viewers have known for quite a while—he’s the biological father of baby Sierra Rose, via his drunken one-nighter with psychotic stripper Stacy Morasco (Crystal Hunt). With Stacy now dead, there are rumblings of a custody battle with Stacy’s sister Gigi (Farah Fath) but, ultimately, the law is on Fish’s side and the two dads will blissfully start a new life with the baby.

A show rep says the characters will not actually leave Llanview and, because Fish is a cop, he may pop up in a crime-related capacity down the line—but no promises are being made.