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Stacy the Skank: Squashed!


They say all good things must come to an end, so do atrocious whores who steal their own sisters unwilling baby daddy. Hence, Crystal Hunt has been shit canned from One Life to Live. This girl’s life is literally falling down around her. What a crappy year. Amusing to know that we will probably to get to keep Kim, the other half of the slutsky twins.

OLTL: Mitch Laurence, You ARE The Father!


For months now we have been on pins and needles wondering who the mysterious baby daddy was OLTL. Roxy works hard to keep Rex’s paternity a secret, but this week, she can hide it no more. It will be Rex himself that finds out that Mitch Laurence is his father, and very much alive. When we were guessing who the daddy could be, Mitch’s name never came up, thus making this a great twist! We were sure it was going to be Spencer Truman. We can admit when we are wrong, especially when being wrong is oh so right! Looks like with Jared out of the picture, a possible sick and twisted Natalie and Mitch pairing may be imminent. We kind of hope not. Kind of.

OLTL Casting News

With so much exciting stuff going on right now, how can OLTL not add more cast members, right? Or even better, returning characters!

Dan Gauthier will be reprising his role as Kevin Buchanan this fall. We believe the stint will be short, but hey, kevinwhat do we know?

Kathy Brier will be reprising her role as Marcy McPain. Marcy will be in Llanview for a short run of episodes this fall.

kimBoth Amanda Setton (Kim) and Nicholas Rodriguez (Nick) are staying on as members of the OLTL cast. We like this news. How long? Sadly, we do not know….

Erika Slezak has signed a new multi-year contract. That’s good because it looks like things are about to get bad for Jessica again.