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OLTL Spoiler Alert 7/12: Todd Proposes to Tea!

Per Soaps.com:

Hannah breaks down.

Blair informs Elijah she has made a decision in regards to his proposal.

Layla has a heartbreaking decision to make.

Natalie and Jessica end up sick.

John divulges his suspicions about Hannah.

David is thrown out by Bo.

Todd proposes to Tea.

Cole confronts Hannah about her breakdown.

Todd admits something to Tea.

Rex works on Kelly’s case.

David is asked to model swimsuits by Viki.

Inez wants to do the right thing with the money.

Tea shocks Elijah.

Charlie and Viki set their plan into action.

OLTL Spoiler Alert 7/5

Per Soaps.com:

Tuesday July 6:

Hannah tries to strike a deal.

Todd has to choose between Dani and Starr.

Wednesday July 7:

James ends up rushed to the hospital after being shot.

Tea finally tells Dani about her cancer.

Thursday July 8:

Cole and Starr come face to face.

Blair makes another promise to Tea.

Friday July 9:

Cris and Layla head out to see Evangeline.

Matthew is convinced to stay quiet.

Hannah is threatened by Elijah.

OLTL Spoiler Alert 6/28: James kisses Starr!

Bull holds Nate captive

Todd is surprised when Dani asks for his help

Gigi keeps something from Rex

James and Starr wreck the car

Starr is startled by James’s passionate kiss

Ford continues to be contacted by a mystery person

Téa’s health continues to decline

Hannah is arrested

What do Bo and Nora find?

Thanks to Soap Central for the scoop!

OLTL Spoiler Alert 6/21: Cole Kisses Hannah!

Ford names his assailant

Kelly and Reed drift apart

Dani finds her parents in bed together

John and Brody conduct a search of Hannah’s room

Hannah makes sure that to leave behind incriminating evidence pointing to Starr

Cole kisses Hannah

Charlie is alarmed when discovers David’s unconscious body

Bull questions Matthew

Bull sets his sights on Nate

How far is Starr willing to go to help James?

Thanks to Soap Central for the deets!