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OLTL Spoiler Alert 4/26: Cole Goes on the Lam!

John and Todd face-off

Natalie tries to make peace with Marty

Natalie expects an apology from John

A killer stalks the streets of Llanview

Cole unleashes his anger on Todd

Todd faces his worst nightmare

Cole goes on the run

Starr questions Todd’s claims of innocence

Charlie tries to nudge Jessica towards Brody

Thanks to Soap Central for the scoop!

OLTL Spoiler Alert 3/22: Sierra Rose is Kidnapped!


Allison kidnaps Sierra Rose after drugging Schuyler.

Allison aims her gun at Natalie.

Allison’s scheme is unexpectedly thwarted.

Schuyler pulls one over on Mitch.

The peace pact between Danielle and Destiny is broken.

Rex and Gigi are stunned by Kim’s actions.

Rex answers Gigi’s marriage proposal.

Brody asks Jessica to go on a date with him.

Langston tells Starr the truth.

Cole and Markko are witnesses to a crime.

Cole lies to Starr and gets caught.

Hannah gives Ford a verbal bitch slap. .

Marty faints.

Elijah is stuck in the middle of Blair and Tea.

OLTL Spoiler Alert 3/1


Jessica thinks its 1997 and therefore wants to be with Cristian. I’m going to guess Layla is going to have something to say about that!

Langston gives in to Ford’s advances. Yes! Sorry Markko….

Dorian places the blame on Mitch for the latest Kramer debacle.

Gigi is appalled by Schuyler’s actions.

Adriana gives relationship advice to Rex.

Blair sets out to prove Ford’s true motives to Langston.

Ford continues to run game on Langston. Squish name: Langford

Gigi wants to raise Stacy’s daughter.

Jessica shows up at a surprised Cristian’s apartment.

Todd and Dani start to make some progress.

Kevin has a proposition for Kelly.

Dorian enlists John help in proving Mitch’s guilt.

Jessica is spied on by a mystery person….is it Allison Perkins??

OLTL Spoiler Alert 2/22


Kyle is forced to take control. Jessica’s family and friends can’t believe what has become of her. Gigi has questions for Schuyler. Roxy makes an effort to get Rex and Gigi back together. Gigi gives Schuyler the boot, for good. Ford is on a mission to get Langston into bed. Todd deals with more of Dani’s wrath. Snoop Dogg arrives in Llanview and does his thing at Capricorn. Gigi is more than willing to accept Rex’s shoulder to lean on. John claims to love Marty, but we all know where this is going. Brody makes it his own personal mission to make Jessica remember her life and her relationship with him. Mitch receives a surprise visit. Could it be Allison Perkins? Starr suspects that something is up with Langston. Dorian starts to believe that life is on the right track again…

OLTL Spoiler Alert 2/15


Sierra Rose will be born, but Stacy will die. The baby will be diagnosed with a heart condition.

Marty witnesses a kiss between John and Natalie.

Mitch warns Dorian that a Kramer girl is in trouble.

Marty will diagnose Jessica who will go back in time as “Melissa”, or as Daytime Confidential dubbed her a while back: Messica. “Messica” will go back to her high school days and find love with Christian. Where does that leave Brody and Layla?

Allison Perkins rumors are swirling. We have been hearing that she will be bringing crazy back to Llanview!