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OLTL: Jason Tam on Hiatus!

According to Soap Opera Network, Jason Tam is taking the summer off from his day job as Markko Rivera on “One Life to Live.”

According to his website, the 27-year-old Tam, who joined “OLTL” on March 21, 2007, has been “selected to take part in the Public Theatre’s Summer Shakespeare Lab, a classical intensive for mid-career actors. He’ll be taking a two month hiatus from ‘One Life to Live’ to accommodate the Lab’s rigorous schedule.”

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OLTL: Is Ford Going to Die?

Foreshadowing is a must on soaps. I believe we got a little taste of what’s to come on OLTL yesterday when a devastated Langston told Ford she would kill him for what he had done to her. We all know that Hannah was obsessed with Ford and that she is capable of murder. Will Ford be her next victim? Rumor has it that Cristian and Layla will find him dead. I wonder if Langston’s threats will land her in the hot seat as the prime suspect?

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7 Things I Learned From the OLTL Musical

1. J.J. Singleton should be on contract, asap!

2. Mark Lawson is much more than just a beautiful body.

3. Langslut is the most skanktorious woman on daytime television.

4. Jason Tam has some nice moves.

5. Kristen Alderson should never sing Battlefield and rub on herself EVER again.

6. I want Dorian Lord to be the mayor of my city.

7. Lenny Platt is HAWT!

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