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OLTL Spoiler Alert 4/12

Per Soapcentral.com:

Sierra Rose’s custody is decided

Bo and Nora have a frank discussion about their relationship

Starr tells Cole about Langston and Ford

Todd’s feelings for Téa haven’t changed

Rex demands some answers from Allison

Natalie makes a heartfelt confession about John

Tensions mount between Todd and Cole

Todd takes his frustrations out on Marty

Danger looms on the horizon for Kelly

Rex is determined to learn the identity of his parents

OLTL Spoiler Alert 4/5: Natalie Turns to Cristian!

Schuyler finally loses his grip on his sanity.

A tragedy occurs in Llanview.

Rex is saved by Bo.

Mitch might be Rex’s father afterall.

Roxy can’t believe Allison’s story.

Natalie turns to Cristian in her time of need.

Jessica is jealous.

Todd has the deets about who is calling Kelly.

OLTL Spoiler Alert 3/8


Marty is with child, and Natalie will find out!

Trouble continues to follow Schuyler.

Mitch might be closer to Sierra Rose than we think. Look for a major storyline twist!

Tea wins a court battle.

Cole and Starr hit a rough patch as Cole deals with college issues.

Hannah has Llanview ties. Who is this girl?

As previously reported, Viki will take a trip to London.

Leah, the newest teen, will arrive in Llanview.

Oliver struggles over being a father to Sierra Rose.

Someone asks Kyle to keep another secret.

Tea helps Schuyler in a jam.

Kim rethinks her plans.

Clint lays down the law to Kim.

OLTL Spoiler Alert 3/1


Jessica thinks its 1997 and therefore wants to be with Cristian. I’m going to guess Layla is going to have something to say about that!

Langston gives in to Ford’s advances. Yes! Sorry Markko….

Dorian places the blame on Mitch for the latest Kramer debacle.

Gigi is appalled by Schuyler’s actions.

Adriana gives relationship advice to Rex.

Blair sets out to prove Ford’s true motives to Langston.

Ford continues to run game on Langston. Squish name: Langford

Gigi wants to raise Stacy’s daughter.

Jessica shows up at a surprised Cristian’s apartment.

Todd and Dani start to make some progress.

Kevin has a proposition for Kelly.

Dorian enlists John help in proving Mitch’s guilt.

Jessica is spied on by a mystery person….is it Allison Perkins??