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Today’s Soapy Birthdays!

Brandon Beemer, 30 ( Owen, B&B / Shawn Brady, DAYS / Seth, GH )

Grant Show, 48 ( Jake Hanson, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 & Models Inc. ) / Archer Montgomery, Private Practice & Grey’s Anatomy / Rick Hyde, Ryan’s Hope )

Sally Spencer, 55 ( MJ McKinnon, Another World )

Elizabeth Taylor, 78 ( Helena Cassidine, GH / Boardmember at The Chateau, AMC )

B&B: Bridget Gets Frisky with Owen!


The third time is obviously not the charm for B&B’s Bridget and Nick. On Friday, Aggie fell to the bottom of the stairs after a heated debate with Bridget. Surely whatever feelings Nick has for Aggie are going to increase now! Bridget seems to think the same this week when she runs out on Nick over the Aggie baby debacle. Bridget will run to the lonely offices of Jackie M for some think time. The Jackie M offices will not be so empty, and Owen will comfort Bridget in her time of need. Yes friends. One thing will lead to another and the two will make love. I have to admit I thought B&B was taking the road always traveled with this storyline and that Nick would be sleeping with Aggie before we could say “Nick is a man whore”. What does this mean for the great love of Nick and Bridget? Must not be so great after all…..

B&B: A Wishful Coupling!


It’s been a pretty slow weekend in the life of soaps, and one can get pretty bored. In an extreme state of boredom, I found myself wandering around on youtube looking for interesting vids. I found a clip from back in the day in which B&B’s Felicia bitch slaps Owen for revealing Forrester secrets to the queen of skanks, Donna. After viewing the clip, I was intrigued by a what-if conundrum.

It’s been a hot minute since Felicia has had any kind of loving. Wouldn’t be uber hot if Owen and Felicia randomly had a hot sex session all over the Forrester Creations drawing board? Of course, there is a conundrum in the form of Jackie who is married to Owen, at least for now. However, marriage means nothing on soaps and Owen is young. Anything is possible!

B&B: Can I Have A Bite Of That Apple?

Brandon Beemer

This week on Bold and the Beautiful, Forrester Creations and Jackie M went head to head in a fashion competition for Donna and Pam’s talk show The Catwalk. Forrester featured the old standby, the Hollywood Glamour line, while Jackie M. featured their new eco-friendly and green Adam and Eve line. Jackie M. won the competition, which wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was the plain, ugly, and thrown-on look of the Adam and Eve. However, the competition made for some great laughs, as B&B fashion shows usually do. The best part? Um. Brandon Beemer wearing nothing but a leaf. Now that’s what I call pure…..