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Soapy Randomness by Ally

Hi, my name is Ally and I am a soap opera nitpick. I was only 15 when I started watching soaps in 1999. I know plenty of people who started to watch soaps at a younger age, but not me. I wasn’t suckered into them. I think my first soap opera memory that sticks out most would probably be… Hmmm… When Tabitha was using her magic bowl and used it to pull Charity into the sink, while poor Timmy looked on. And what can I say, I was suckered in. We had a talking doll and a Witch? Only on Passions would something like this happen. My addiction and nitpicking to Passions began; I did my research and found out random useless facts. And (un)lucky for you, I’m sharing one or two for each time I post randomness.

I remember my mom catching me watch Passions, and being confused. Yes, Passions is very confusing. You can pick it up at anytime, understand it briefly but then it’s like a song which has been on replay for the millionth time. However, she did point out that Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy Winthrop Crane) was once on As the World Churns…err…Turns. Speaking of which, I caught it with my mom on Friday and Monday for the Bob & Kim nuptials, excellent writing and acting by all but wish they had more of Julianne Moore.

Now for my nitpicking… Why do I nitpick? Sometimes you see something and go What the Freak?! What The Hell did they do that? For instance, Sunset Beach ended its run with Meg being in Kansas, with her realizing that the past three years had been nothing but a dream ala Wizard of Oz. Yes, soaps are fictional but saying it’s all a dream, and pulling the rug out of the fans feet is childish. Or how on One Life To Live, they were showing a Blair centric montage, and in it they showed one of the former actresses who was in the role and was Asian. Nothing against Asians or anything, but the look on the current actress’s face as the montage drew to a close was priceless – she was clueless as much as the fans were. I wonder if it was written in the script like that, or the actress actually saw the montage and ad-libbed it.

Now some for useless facts that you may have never known, and didn’t want to know until now.

McKenzie Westmore’s character of Sheridan on Passions was written and scripted to show that she was a few years ‘older’ than Ethan. But in fact and in reality, she was younger than both actors who played Ethan – Eric Martsolf, Travis Schuldt. She’s roughly 6 years younger than Eric Martsolf, and three years younger than Travis Schuldt.

Michael Muhney has appeared on multiple shows that have aired on CBS – from Y&R to Veronica Mars to CSI Miami. But between you and me, he looks mighty sexy in a uniform.

Well I bet get off whatever is left of this soap bar now, and bid farewell until I lather up with randomness again.

April 2nd Soap Birthdays!

Robert Elito Canko, 24 ( Andrew Shawn Donovan, DAYS )

Bethany Joy Galeotti, 29 ( Haley James Scott, One Tree Hill )

Jaime Ray Newman, 32 ( Kristina Cassidine, GH )

Aiden Turner, 33 ( Aidan Devane, AMC )

Kevin Bernhardt, 49 ( Father Tanner McBride, Dynasty / Dr. Kevin O’Connor, GH )

Amelia Marshall, 52 ( Liz Sanbourne, Passions / Belinda Keefer, AMC / Gilly Grant, Guiding Light )

Ron Palillo, 61 ( Gary Warren, OLTL )