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Y&R: Patty has a “Miscarriage”!

Last week on Y&R, Patty announced that she was pregnant with an astonished Jack’s child. Little does she know that Jack wasn’t all that thrilled with the news at first. On Friday’s episode, Jack asked “Emily” when they would get real confirmation from a doctor that she was with child. Patty lied her way out of it, claiming that she had already set appointment for them. This week, Jack has a talk with Phyllis and afterward wonders if Emily is really pregnant after all. Jack then calls the supposed doctor and discovers that Emily has no appointment at all. Jack goes ahead and makes an appointment of his own. When Patty finds out, she instantly runs off to confront Phyllis. Phyllis fills Patty in on her latest discussions with Jack and his doubts about his marriage. Patty decides it’s time to save her own ass and tell Jack she had a miscarriage. My only question is, when is Jack going to stop being such an idiot?!

Most Awesome Character of the Decade: Kitty Benson


Mary Jane Benson came to Genoa City earlier this year to do the damn thing for Victor and she more than accomplished her goals. Of course, Mary Jane was really Patty Williams, Jack’s psychotic ex wife from way back in the day. In fact, when Jack was married to Patty he wasn’t even played by Peter Bergman. That’s really besides the point. Colleen is dead. Victor has her heart. Patty is in the sanitarium. The whole damn town has gone insane. The best part of the storyline was the addition of Kitty Benson. Poor Kitty was Patty’s pet and companion, though he didn’t have much choice in the matter. Kitty Benson was stuffed! Victor’s golden retriever got a hold of Kitty and ripped him to pieces, resulting in the death of Kitty and eventually the death of Zapato as well, when Patty got a hold of him. Kitty Benson made an appearance at the Daytime Emmy Awards this year, accompanied by Patty and Dr. Emily Peterson portrayer Stacy Haiduk. Kitty didn’t take home an Emmy on that day, but his legacy will live on in Patty’s new, and very much alive, kitten who she named Kitty Kitty Benson. We here at the 411 choose to call him Kitty Squared. Patty even told Paul that Kitty Squared may be getting a playmate soon! But I digress….

R.I.P. Kitty Benson!

Y&R: Dr. Emily Takes On Big Red!


With Phyllis still seething over what Patty did to Summer, she isn’t going to be pleased this week when she receives a letter from the mental patient herself. Ever protective of her family, Phyllis will go to see Patty and slam her for the things she has done and warn her to stay away from her family. Dr. Emily will step in to speak for Patty and the two women will go head to head. Since Dr. Emily is obviously going to make herself an enemy of Big Red’s, we are curious to see how Phyllis will react when she finds out that ex-husband Jack is romantically interested in her new foe.

Dr. Emily Peterson: The Real Face of Mary Jane


As much as the Mary Jane/Patty Williams debacle has excited and awed us, there have been many questions left unanswered. With Victor on his way out of town, it looked as if many of the answers to these questions would go with him, especially with Patty in no state to tell the truth. This week, we were introduced to Dr. Emily Peterson who apparently has been Patty’s therapist in the past but had not seen her since she had disappeared a year ago. Seeing Emily made things a little clearer. At least now we know where Patty got her new face idea from. Apparently, after Patty was admitted into the psych hospital, Dr. Peterson was called to pick up the pieces. We were surprised to see this new version of “Mary Jane” on our screen, but not as surprised as Emily was when she got her first glimpse of Patty’s new face. Emily questioned Patty and got no where, although Patty did mention that she had always wanted to be like her “best friend”. On today’s episode, a sympathetic Paul went to visit Patty only to walk in and discover Emily grilling her for answers. Paul was horrified to see this woman who looked like his sister and listened intently as Emily filled him in on what she knew. Paul then informed Emily of what he knew and Patty stood in the background talking about her happy marriage to Jack. Sadly, we know little else of Stacy Haiduk’s new role or how long it will last. It is nice to see her play a character who seemingly has a modicum of sense. Key word, seemingly….