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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Eileen Davidson


The climax of the baby switch debacle on Y&R is finally upon us! Yes, the tale was convoluted and we have been waiting forfreakingever for Adam’s lies to be uncovered. Almost everyone in Genoa City is involved somehow, each being somehow negatively affected by Adam’s reign of terror.

Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case are delivering stellar performances as Sharon deals with the truth and Phyllis deals with the thought of a possible reunion between her husband and his ex. However, we want to give props to Eileen Davidson this week for bringing the pain and denial of losing yet another baby to our screens.

Years ago, Ashley lost her baby Robert, and ultimately lost her mind. Davidson proved then that she could do mentally ill well. This week, Ashley’s denial and desperation will cause her to leave GC with Faith. The question is, will she stay gone?

Y&R: Adam and Sharon’s Wedding Turbulence!



On today’s episode of Y&R, Adam whisks Sharon off in the Newman Jet for an impromptu winter wonderland wedding. With no one to interrupt, the wedding went off without a hitch. The “Newmans” hop back in the jet for a quickie honeymoon. Of course, the Newman jet is jacked up and turbulence ensues, causing Sharon and Adam to go into panic mode. Thinking that they are about to meet their demise, Adam decides to write Sharon a mid-air note. What the hell did it say, you wonder? It read a little something like this: Your baby is alive!!!!!

So, what of this new development? I suspect that the jet will smooth itself out and that Adam will smooth over the maybe-baby confession. I guess we will just have to watch and see!

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Y&R: Big Red Delivers a Christmas Bitch Slap!



On Y&R today, Nick made the foul mistake of informing wife Phyllis that he still has feelings for Sharon. Of course, even Adam’s semi-blind ass could have told her that. Nick then had balls enough to tell Phyllis that she had to help him deal with his feelings for Sharon. Big Red did what we all want to do on a daily basis and delivered a bitch slap felt around the world. Sharon went off on him as well, making this a very bad day for Nick. If I were Phyllis, I would have slapped his stupid ass twice, for good measure.