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Glee: Mean Ass Sue Has a Heart Too!


One of the reasons Glee is such a popular show is (besides of course the singing) is the over the top bitchiness of Coach Sue Sylvester. Never before have we seen this woman show a hint of emotion, much less even a tinge of normalcy in her voice. Last night’s episode changed all of that. Sue shocked us all by giving a girl with down syndrome a chance. Like Will, we were pondering what Sue’s latest evil scheme was all about. This time, there was no evil scheme. Later in the episode, Sue paid a visit to a sister that we didn’t know she had. I think it is safe to assume that it was a bit surprising to us all that 1. Sue’s older sister had down syndrome and was institutionalized, and that 2. Sue morphed into a normal, loving, and caring human being the instant she was in the presence of her sister. I personally cried tears of joy at finally seeing a crack in Sue’s hard ass facade. Will may never the know the truth behind Sue’s sudden acts of kindness, but we do!