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Days: Sami and Rafe Split!


Trouble is brewing in Salem this week after Rafe realizes that Sami and EJ have been keeping him out of the loop and Sami realizes that she cannot trust Rafe. After the two come to these realizations, Rafe will move out. It looks like Sami and EJ fans might be getting what they have wanted all along….. Except that EJ is behind this Sydney debacle. EJ won’t be in the clear for long. Rafe smells a stinky fish….

Cementing The Hernandez Family to the Core


Quick Poll! Who here is a fan of Rafe and Arianna on Days Of Our Lives? Do you like them with their current couples of Sami and Brady respectively? Would you perhaps like to see them anchored more to the history of Days? I may have a solution for you then!

Remember in the late 80’s when Emilio Ramirez was in Salem? He and sister April had originally come to town to steal drugs from Kayla Brady’s clinic to help their mother who had had cancer. Emilio had disliked Roman Brady, because he had killed his older brother Raul. He also worked at the Kiriakis Mansion and became friendly with Adrienne Kiriakis. Emilio is the man whom Jennifer was set to marry when Jack kidnapped her and drove her around Salem in the firetruck (one of my favorite DAYS scenes ever!). April, on the other hand, was a candy stripper who had worked and fell in love with Dr. Mike Horton. Perhaps April had two children: Rafe and Arianna? Maybe Arianna could turn out to be Michael Horton’s daughter? I just feel like these two characters have enormous potential and I would hate to lose them. What are your thoughts? Are Rafe and Arianna a “Yay” or “Nay” in your book?