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B&B: Oops She Did it Again!

Since this year began, B&B has been hard to watch even though it’s only 19 minutes long. Steffy seems to be running everything and everyone and Ridge and Brooke are STILL having sex in every episode. The 6/4 episode changed all that for me. Judging by the reactions on Twitter and other soap blogs, I am not the only one. Brooke has managed to sleep with her virgin daughter Hope’s boyfriend Oliver. It wasn’t that long ago that Brooke had a torrid affair with Deacon Sharpe who just so happened to be married to her daughter Bridget. That affair led to the birth of Hope. The irony is uh-mazing.

Brooke, still clinging to her youth, donned the exact same dress as her daughter and seduced Oliver, whom she thought was Ridge, up against the side of the building. Oliver looked pleased as punch when he returned to the party, only to look up and see Hope. The look on his face was priceless as he realized that he hadn’t been with Hope after all. In slow motion, Oliver’s new lover sauntered into the party and pulled off her mask. Voila! It’s Mother of the Year, Brooke Logan Forrester!

Brooke is so fertile, if a man blows on her she gets pregnant. I seriously hope that isn’t the case with Oliver. However, I do look forward to seeing the fallout from this dirty debacle. It makes for good story!

Thanks to Daytime Confidential for the screencap!

B&B: Here We Go Again


Looks like this week Ridge goes back to his old indecisive crappy self and locks lips with Taylor. After having Brooke and Ridge happy together and Taylor finding a new beau in Whip, this revisited triangle would be enough to make me take a break from the show. However, here’s why I won’t do that just yet…

Brooke and Ridge are a sweet couple together, but soap couples always be at their best during angst and nobody gives better angst than those two. This time it’s going to get ugly when they exchange some pretty harsh words. As much as this triangle has become old and used, it’s always entertaining to watch Brooke and Taylor battle it out, even if the man isn’t worth it.



Ronn Moss: Italian Stallion?


RONN MOSS (Ridge) is going to be a busy man for a few months. His wife Devin posted the following on their blog at http://devronnsblog.com/ in mid December.

Ronn is appearing on Italy’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” and over the next three months will be making trips back and forth to Rome nearly every weekend. It will be a big challenge for him because he will also be doing B&B and practicing dance routines with his partner here at home.

Although reps for B&B would not confirm, a source told CBS Soaps in Depth that Ronn will only be available two days a week to tape B&B while appearing on the Italian dance program.

Ronn and Devin recently flew to Italy just before Christmas, while B&B was on its annual year end hiatus, and they have spent their time there combining sightseeing and a honeymoon with Ronn’s dance lessons and preparations for the dancing show. Ronn’s first appearance on the Italian version of DANCING will be on January 09.

B&B: Love for Dr. Lips!


Finally! I never thought I would see the day when Taylor Hayes Forrester (B&B) would find anyone besides Ridge to love. Taylor’s relationship with Rick was a joke and the rest of her love life should just be filed under T for tragedy. After her surprise date with Whip, Dr. Lips broke things off before they even began, fearful of getting hurt by yet another serving of Brooke’s sloppy seconds.

Apparently, Whip does not take rejection well. After showing up at her office under the guise of mental illness, Whip was able to sway Dr. Lips with his charms. It would appear as if a second date is imminent. Whip is hot and Taylor is actually likable again when she is around him. Fans are loving this new coupling, and so am I! I want more. What do you think of “Whaylor”? Are you loving it, hating it, or just don’t give a damn? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks!

B&B: What An OxiMoron!

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For years, both Stephanie & Taylor always taunted Brooke about being the little “slut from the valley”. Taylor always told Brooke what a bad mother she was and that thanks to all her sexcapades & scandalous affairs, her kids would all grow up and be disturbed people due to the unstable childhood Brooke provided…
Skip ahead a few years, and it looks like Bridget grew up to be a successful doctor and then a successful head designer for Jackie M. Bridget also had her share of bad relationships with messed up guys but she is now married to the man she loves and finally planning the family she has always wanted.

Now on the other hand, we have Steffy (a.k.a Stuffy), who is Ridge and Taylor’s beautiful spawn. Steffy first went after Marcus just to later dump his ass and jump in bed with his cousin, Rick, who was her father’s worst enemy. Steffy watched her mother and father lose their mind over that relationship for months until she finally broke it off. Steffy jumped on to her next prey, which happened to be Owen, a married man committed to his hot cougar wife Jackie M.

When that attempt at love failed, Steffy has recently jumped on to yet another innocent (ok maybe not so innocent) prey. This time it was Bill Spencer Jr., a newly engaged man planning his wedding. You would think that might have stopped her from grabbing his hot ass and putting a quick kiss on him, but no, it didn’t…
So now after all this, which woman’s spawn do YOU think turned out better???