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Days Spoiler Alert 3/22: Sami’s Out for Blood!


EJ starts to feel the net closing in …And so he should, cos cornered Anna will blackmail the governor into giving Nicole a pardon, which means she will be back on the streets of Salem! Things get even more tangled when Rafe and Sami find out Anna set the pardon in motion. Sami wants blood! Rafe seems to think EJ and Anna have a secret. EJ scrambles to do damage control! Need more? Click here for Day’s Cafe spoilers for the next two week!

Days: Sami and Rafe Split!


Trouble is brewing in Salem this week after Rafe realizes that Sami and EJ have been keeping him out of the loop and Sami realizes that she cannot trust Rafe. After the two come to these realizations, Rafe will move out. It looks like Sami and EJ fans might be getting what they have wanted all along….. Except that EJ is behind this Sydney debacle. EJ won’t be in the clear for long. Rafe smells a stinky fish….