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April’s Jackass of the Month: Schuyler Joplin

OLTL’s Schuyler Joplin has been plagued since he came to Llanview. First he got mixed up with the teen drama queen Starr and lost his job. He let Stacy pull him head first into the Morasco Fiasco. He let Kim string him along and let Gigi use him as a consolation prize. Now, we find out that Schuyler is Mitch’s son, and that he too can be an ass. Gigi dumped Sky on his ass and Sierra Rose isn’t his daughter. The boy has lost his damn mind and taken Gigi hostage by gun point, and for that, Schuyler is our Jackass of the Month.

OLTL: Could Rex & Schuyler Be Twins?

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This week, Roxy will reveal that a baby was taken from her by Allison Perkins a long time ago. Of course that child is the one and only Schuyler Joplin. You may be wondering if this is true, then Mitch might not be Rex’s father. I opt for the twin option. Rex and Schuyler hate each other. I can’t think of a better way to tie up the storyline before Schuyler “leaves town”.

OLTL Spoiler Alert 3/8


Marty is with child, and Natalie will find out!

Trouble continues to follow Schuyler.

Mitch might be closer to Sierra Rose than we think. Look for a major storyline twist!

Tea wins a court battle.

Cole and Starr hit a rough patch as Cole deals with college issues.

Hannah has Llanview ties. Who is this girl?

As previously reported, Viki will take a trip to London.

Leah, the newest teen, will arrive in Llanview.

Oliver struggles over being a father to Sierra Rose.

Someone asks Kyle to keep another secret.

Tea helps Schuyler in a jam.

Kim rethinks her plans.

Clint lays down the law to Kim.