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Gossip Guys

After watching  Gossip Girl last night, Gina and I have a new found love for the show and all of its hotness! If you don’t watch the show, let us break down the hotties for you, you might want to tune in next week after this!


Penn Badgley plays Dan Humphrey, the kid from Brooklyn who suddenly becomes part of the Upper East Side lifestyle yet still manages to hold on to his roots. Dan was raised with good morals, but like every teenager, those morals are being challenged on a daily basis! The good boy fell in love with the bad girl, aka, Serena, played by real life girlfriend Blake Lively,  who is now his step-sister. Dan and Serena remain friends, and he is now dating movie star, Olivia, played by Hilary Duff.


Enter Ed Westwick, as Chuck Bass, the resident Bad Ass. Chuck grew up in a very wealthy family and has been a very rebellious teenager, engaging in wild nights of booze and sex. His mother died when he was born and his father died last season, just after marrying Lily Van der Woodson. Since then, Chuck has taken on a more mature role but will still stop at nothing to get whatever it is he wants. Lily continues to be his step-mother and he has finally given in and told Blair that he is in love with her. Ed is from Britain but speaks with an American accent on the show, just another bonus!

chace Don’t mistake Chace Crawford for just another pretty boy! As Nate Archibald, this guy has his share of drama.  In the past, Nate dated Blair, slept with her best friend, Serena, broke up with Blair, and an affair with an older woman in order to get money after learning his father had embezzled money and the family turned out to be broke, and most recently dating Bree Buckley, who’s family is an arch enemy of the Archibald/Vanderbilts. Oh yes, Nate is a Vanderbilt. Whatever that means! Nate is basically a good guy who seems to get caught up in bad things! Look for Chace to be in the upcoming remake of Footloose!

matthewsettleMatthew Settle plays Rufus Humphrey, father to Dan and Jenny. Rufus is a musician who never quite made it but his music has touched many lives, including Lily Van der Woodson. The two have had an ongoing psuedo relationship for more than 20 years. While they both married other people and had children, their love never died. Last year we learned that Rufus and Lily had a child together, a child that Rufus did not know about. They searched and the family who had adopted their son lied to them and told them he was dead. The news seemingly brought the two closer than ever and while they went through leaps and bounds, they were married, and learned that their son was in fact very much alive!


Chris Riggi plays Scott Ronsson, the son of Lily and Rufus. He came to town to get to know his family before revealing his true identity. When the time came to fess up he lied and said he was the brother of their dead son, while Vanessa knew the truth. Georgina learned of this secret and revealed it to all at Lily and Rufus’ wedding. Finally reunited with his birth parents, it was a very touching moment.


Sebastian Stan plays Carter Baizen. Carter and Serena have had an off and on relationship for a while now. He spent the summer with Serena while she was searching for her father. We don’t know much about Carter other than the fact that he tends to be a real creep most of the time. However, he does seem to be good with Serena. We learned recently that he has gotten himself into some serious trouble with some scary people regarding gambling debts.

So those are the Gossip Guys. They are hot, they are scandalous, and they keep us coming back for more! What do you think about these guys? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!– Jessica

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Believable Casting

I was talking with Gina and we were chatting about how some of the casting on our shows is incredible. We talked about who was believable. By believable  I mean the character looks like a family member, or acts or has the same mannerisms as a family member. Here are some of our top picks for Believable Casting!

Our first pick is Jason Morgan and Michael Corinthos. Jason is Michael’s uncle and with the recast of Michael the resemblance is uncanny. Drew Garret as Michael proves that Michael truly is a Quartermaine!



Our next pick is the Dr.’s Drake…Noah and Patrick, and even little Matt! Noah and Patrick look so much alike is crazy, particularly if you look at pics of Noah from back in the day! They look alike, and they act alike…Ego much?


Next we have Todd and Jack Manning. Not only do they look alike, but the act like smart asses, always!


Our next pick is not just a Mother/Daughter grouping, but a Mother/Daughter/Father! The casting director at B&B did a great job when the cast the part of Steffy Forrester. Not only does she look like her mom, Taylor, but she looks like her dad, Ridge too.



Of course we had to include Erica Kane and Kendall Hart Slater…no explanation needed!


Next we have father and son duos. Up first, Rex Balsom and Shane Morasco. I didn’t buy it until Shane cut his hair.


Next father and son duo, while neither are on the show any longer, I had to go with Scott Baldwin and Logan Hayes. The thing that really did it for me was Logan’s mannerisms, they were dead on.



hat is all of our picks. Do you have any? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment!