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June 2010 Skank of the Month: Carly Corinthos Jacks!

This month’s Skank of the Month award can go to none other than GH’s Carly Corinthos Jacks. After covering up the fact that her son killed his stepmother (for months), Carly was devastated when he was sent to prison because of Dante. After having grief sex with mobster ex-husband Sonny, Carly declared him an unfit father and pledged to keep him away from their other son Morgan. Carly has since plotted revenge against Dante and Lulu for “putting Michael in prison”, by bringing Brooke Lynn to town and paying her to seduce Dante and say the word “ma” a lot. As exciting as it is to see Carly shaking things up on GH, it will be nice when she calms down and concentrates on being a mother again!

April’s Skank of the Month: Bridget Forrester Marone

No one deserves the honor of Skank of the Month more that B&B’s Bridget Forrester Marone. After Aggie, the surrogate, lost Bridget and Nick’s third baby, Bridget ran to Jackie M to be alone. Instead, she wound up on the floor doing the shag nasty with her father in law, Owen. Grief sex be damned. The worst part was when the sex was over, Bridget acted like someone had held a gun to her head, lashing out at Owen and screaming “What have we done?!” in horror. The tryst was caught on tape by Aggie’s brother Owen and is currently serving as leverage for the main skank in town, Steffy. Bridget Forrester, you ARE the Skank of the Month!

Skank of the Month: Dr. Lisa Niles


Yes the Skank of the Month honors are being doled out again! Although GH’s Dr. Lisa Niles hasn’t done anything straight up skanky yet, we all know its coming. Lisa has her eyes on Dr. Patrick and has tried to liquor him up several times, but to no avail. Therefore, the honor of Skank of the Month for March is Dr. Lisa Niles. May the skank be with you!

Skank of the Month: Maxie Jones


Now, I hate to do this, seeing as how Maxie is my all time favorite GH diva (besides Brenda & Courtney, respectively), but she deserves it. The honor of Skank of the Month goes to Maxie for having sex (yes, it was HOT) with Franco. Just when I thought she had turned over a new leaf and was completely devoted to Spinelli. One funky photo shoot and a few words from a very hot stranger were all it took to get Maxie all kinds of hot and bothered. Oh, the large amounts of wine she drank before the hot sex might have helped as well. Regardless, Maxie fell prey to her own weaknesses once again. In her confession to Lulu, Maxie made excuses for herself to appease her own guilt. Since then, she has made every effort to hide the facts from Spin, while he has been amping up the charm and sweetness. What does it all mean? Who the hell knows. Maxie will most likely lose Spin forever. Since we know that Franco won’t be around for very long, she may just end up alone.

Skank of the Month: Nicole DiMera


Our November Skank of the Month award goes to Nicole Dimera (Days) for many reasons. Nicole lies, cheats, and manipulates her way in and out of situations on a regular basis. Recently, Nicole’s actions are coming back to haunt her and she is losing everything all over again. With each scheme she pulls off, Nicole gets more sadistic and evil. Last week, she broke bad and went all cougar on Chad in yet another attempt to cover her duplicities. And to think Nicole used to be our favorite. Yes, we too remember the good old days of the Eric and Brady love triangle.