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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Dominic Zamprogna


Some soap opera secrets take months to come out and the same can be said about the big reveal on GH that Dante is Sonny’s son and an undercover cop. Having said that, this secret spilling was definitely worth waiting for. Maurice Bernard delivered as the scorned mob boss who had been turned on, but we knew he would. In the role of Dante, Dominic Zamprogna showed us the pain he felt over the past and the determination to finally take down the man who had caused so many others pain. He also showed us how torn he was over the bond he had built with Sonny and his family and we could see that he was sad it that it would be coming to an end. Zamprogna delivered the performance of his soap acting career and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the future. The revelation that Dante is Sonny’s son is going to impact many of the character’s lives as well as the show as a whole.

GH: Dante Tells Lulu “I Love You”!


GH fans rejoice! This week, Sonny senses something is up when Olivia tries to get him to skip town. Sonny will consider retiring his mob crown to Dominic, unaware that Dante is his son. Michael will discover the truth about Dante’s paternity and attempt to put the kibosh on his reign over Port Charles. All this secret keeping is hard work, and Dante fears that Lulu will become a casualty of all the duplicity. Next week, Dante will finally tell Lulu that he loves her, but thanks to Michael’s shenanigans, will it be too late?

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GH: A Franco Funny

I will never tire of James Franco’s character on General Hospital. I know GH fans are tired of him, but I find him 1incredibly amusing. Franco made a good point on yesterday’s episode when he said that while Jason was busy getting arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Franco himself was stealing women all over town, and no one even noticed! Franco captured Carly and tied her to a chair and the usual damsel in distress begging began. Franco mocked Carly, laughing in her face. However, the most amusing part of the conversation was when Carly basically said “you’ll never get away with this” to which Franco responded:

“Oh, who do I have to screw to get off this movie?!”