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GH: We Need 10 CC’s of Ass Whippin! Stat!

1If you watch General Hospital, chances are that you despise Kiefer as much as we do. That is unless you like abusive and degrading teenage punks. We highly doubt it. Since coming to Port Charles, Kiefer has done nothing but abuse Kristina and continuously rake her over the coals. In fact, we are still convinced that Kiefer is the one that caused the car accident that resulted in the loss of Claudia’s baby. Kiefer has been pressuring Kristina for sex from day one. All that pressure culminated recently when, in a rebellious train of thought, Kristina got a prescription for birth control pills and made the decision to finally have sex with her boyfriend. On today’s episode, Kristina told Kiefer about her decision to have sex with him, but pointed out that it takes a month for the pills to be really effective. If you have ever been on birth control pills, then you know this is fact. Kiefer pushed Kristina’s concerns aside, announcing that he had booked a hotel room for that night and that a condom would have to suffice. Kristina continued to put up a fight, but eventually the couple ended up in the hotel room. Kiefer literally interrupted Kristina while she was pleading her case by cramming his lying ass tongue down her throat. He climbed on top of her and started the teen version of foreplay (yes, I wanted to throw up). Lexi Ainsworth, who portrays Kristina, gave her best performance to date in my opinion. I was impressed with the way Lexi was able to show how mixed up Kristina’s emotions were but also to show the utter disgust she felt while Kiefer was touching her. I hope that Kristina doesn’t go through with it. However, if she refuses, what will Kiefer do then? Smack her around a bit? If so, I hope that Kristina finally cries out for help and that Jason, Ethan, Lucky, Dante, and Johnny will bust into the room and give him a serious ass whipping. Then, to make it the perfect ending to such a storyline: While laying on the ground and suffering from fresh wounds, Kristina’s mob boss daddy Sonny will come in and put a bullet in Kiefer’s head. The End.

Upcoming GH Happenings

This week on General Hospital, Olivia will once again try to kick Johnny to the curb. Johnny will once again convince her not too.

Claudia will figure out Olivia’s Dante secret. We ponder what she will do with that info?olivia

Both Ethan and Lulu will receive messages that contain an air on mystery. Sounds to me like Luke sent them, so did Lucky receive one as well?

Nikolas will offer Ethan $1 million to get the hell out of dodge and to take Rebecca with him. Ethan will kindly decline on his offer.

Michael will confront Claudia with his memories of her. We are pretty sure that this little addition to Claudia’s problems will not be her top priority.

GH Spoiler Alert! 9/14

jasonIn the aftermath of the Port Charles carnival, will Liz and Nik finally go too far? Will Jason reveal what he saw? It looks like Olivia’s secret is safe, but for how long? Find out the answers to these burning questions by clicking on the pic. We’ll take you directly to Soaps.com for a preview of what’s coming up! Thanks!


GH Spoiler Alert! 8/24/09

This week’s spoilers are quite similar to last weeks. This can be expected because Jason being shot and the build up to the coming Jasam sex had to be done just right.

Look for the Jasam sex to go down. Just don’t be too sure that it’s going to turn into anything more.

Rumor has it that Johnny is starting to have feelings for Olivia. I know that to be true, as do all of you!

Michael will finally learn the “truth” from Kristina. I don’t think either one these kids know the truth.
Soaps.com is reporting that Dante will dig up some dirt on Sonny. Will he use it to take him down?

For a more detailed list of spoilers, click on the pic above! Thanks!