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OLTL: Farewell to Skank #1


While most folks would say that OLTL’s Stacy Morasco was a “cartoon character” who had no depth, but as a soap fan, I have to disagree. As someone who always roots for the underdog, I have to strongly disagree. I am one of the fans who gets tired of characters like Gigi, who seem to be happy all the time and always get what they want. Stacy wasn’t one of those characters. She worked her ass off for the things she wanted, good or bad, and in the end Stacy got nothing. In the last weeks, Stacy became even more enduring as her love for Sierra Rose became painfully apparent, skankdom be damned. For that, and for bringing a little lighthearted scandalocity to Llanview, Stacy will be missed. RIP Skank #1!

OLTL Spoiler Alert 2/15


Sierra Rose will be born, but Stacy will die. The baby will be diagnosed with a heart condition.

Marty witnesses a kiss between John and Natalie.

Mitch warns Dorian that a Kramer girl is in trouble.

Marty will diagnose Jessica who will go back in time as “Melissa”, or as Daytime Confidential dubbed her a while back: Messica. “Messica” will go back to her high school days and find love with Christian. Where does that leave Brody and Layla?

Allison Perkins rumors are swirling. We have been hearing that she will be bringing crazy back to Llanview!