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B&B: Love for Dr. Lips!


Finally! I never thought I would see the day when Taylor Hayes Forrester (B&B) would find anyone besides Ridge to love. Taylor’s relationship with Rick was a joke and the rest of her love life should just be filed under T for tragedy. After her surprise date with Whip, Dr. Lips broke things off before they even began, fearful of getting hurt by yet another serving of Brooke’s sloppy seconds.

Apparently, Whip does not take rejection well. After showing up at her office under the guise of mental illness, Whip was able to sway Dr. Lips with his charms. It would appear as if a second date is imminent. Whip is hot and Taylor is actually likable again when she is around him. Fans are loving this new coupling, and so am I! I want more. What do you think of “Whaylor”? Are you loving it, hating it, or just don’t give a damn? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks!