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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Maurice Benard


GH’s Maurice Benard is an amazing actor, this is no secret. The fact that Sonny gets away with everything he does gives the character a bad rep. This week, Sonny’s daughter got beaten up badly and had to be hospitalized. When Kristina was questioned by Sonny and Lucky, she placed the blame on Ethan.

Sonny made a beeline for Ethan and put his pistol right up to his face, screaming that Ethan had beat up his little girl. I can’t lie, my heart literally swooned. Later, he went to Kristina and cried by his bedside as he remembered his own experience with domestic violence. Sonny’s tears became my tears and suddenly I was seeing him in a whole new light.

Kudos to Maurice Benard, Lexi Ainsworth, and Christian Alexander for making this storyline real without hitting to close to home.

The 411 Superstar of the Week: Eileen Davidson


The climax of the baby switch debacle on Y&R is finally upon us! Yes, the tale was convoluted and we have been waiting forfreakingever for Adam’s lies to be uncovered. Almost everyone in Genoa City is involved somehow, each being somehow negatively affected by Adam’s reign of terror.

Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case are delivering stellar performances as Sharon deals with the truth and Phyllis deals with the thought of a possible reunion between her husband and his ex. However, we want to give props to Eileen Davidson this week for bringing the pain and denial of losing yet another baby to our screens.

Years ago, Ashley lost her baby Robert, and ultimately lost her mind. Davidson proved then that she could do mentally ill well. This week, Ashley’s denial and desperation will cause her to leave GC with Faith. The question is, will she stay gone?

The 411 Superstar of the Week: Dominic Zamprogna


Some soap opera secrets take months to come out and the same can be said about the big reveal on GH that Dante is Sonny’s son and an undercover cop. Having said that, this secret spilling was definitely worth waiting for. Maurice Bernard delivered as the scorned mob boss who had been turned on, but we knew he would. In the role of Dante, Dominic Zamprogna showed us the pain he felt over the past and the determination to finally take down the man who had caused so many others pain. He also showed us how torn he was over the bond he had built with Sonny and his family and we could see that he was sad it that it would be coming to an end. Zamprogna delivered the performance of his soap acting career and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the future. The revelation that Dante is Sonny’s son is going to impact many of the character’s lives as well as the show as a whole.