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The Beautiful Life: Who’s Her Daddy?

I was finally able to watch The Beautiful Life (a week after it aired), but better late than never! I enjoyed the show and will watch again, but I am just not sure if I am in love with the show or not. It was nice to see Billy Magnussen (Casey, ATWT) as Raina’s protective older brother, there to warn her about their imprisoned father’s impending release. The two argued about all that while my mind was pondering what the guy did to go to prison in the first place. So I asked Jessica who quickly informed me that she too was lacking in that particular knowledge. What she wasn’t lacking was that this imprisoned father will be played by none other Sebastian Roche (Hot Ass Jerry Jacks, GH)! This changes things ladies….

The Beautiful Life–HOT HOT HOT!

Last week, new promo shots were released for the CW’s new show, The Beautiful Life: TBLĀ  In my opinion, these photos are SCANDALOUS! Which is probably the point. I already knew that I would be tuning in, now I am for sure! There was one photo that particularly peaked my interest. Corbin Bleu. I have already said that I’m interested in what he’ll bring to the show because before now, all we have seen him do is sing, dance, play basketball, and jump rope. I’ve included the picture for your viewing pleasure!