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ATWT: Another Stenbeck Scam?


Mick is obviously hiding a very big secret from the citizens of Oakdale and I said last week that I believe that he is really James Stenbeck (somehow). Now that it is more evident that Mick is a young James as a result of his magic injections, I am starting to believe it is all a scam. This week, an already suspicious Barbara will set her eyes on Mick’s scar which of course is identical to that of her supposedly dead ex-husband. We know that Barbara is a cougar and that Mick is a pretty sexy guy, so it makes sense that Barbara would want the injections herself. “Forget the past, let’s get young together!” It sounds to be good to be true, right? I think so. Maybe Mick is James, but maybe Mick is just Mick, pulling one hell of a scam.