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Men Without Clothes: The Damon Salvatore Edition!

I have recently fallen in love with Damon Salvatore of the Vampire Diaries, played by one Ian Somerhalder. After viewing this, you will too!:

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Men Without Clothes: Hot Ass Vampire Edition!

Our television are filled with vampire based shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries, and let’s not forget about Twilight! Why not enjoy the fruits of their labors?:

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Today’s Soapy Birthdays!

Kylie Tyndall, 18 ( Steffy Forrester, B&B )

Keaton Tyndall, 18 (Phoebe Forrester, B&B )

Melissa Reeves, 43 ( Jennifer Horton Deveraux, DAYS / Jade Perkins, Santa Barbara )

Elise Neal, 44 ( Janey Sinclair, Loving )

Kevin Williamson, 45 ( Creator/Writer, Dawson’s Creek / The Vampire Diaires / Hidden Palms )

Tamara Tunie, 51 ( Jessica Griffin, ATWT )

Russell Todd, 52 ( Dr. Jamie Frame, Another World / Jordy Clegg, Capitol / Brad Carlton, Y&R / Jerry Birn, B&B )

Billy Crystal, 62 ( Jodie Dallas, Soap )

Steve Kanaly, 64 ( Ray Krebbs, Dallas / Seabone Hunkle, AMC )

Your Link to The CW’s November Sweeps Previews!


Fans of the new series Melrose Place took a seriously blow today with the news that Colin Egglesfield (Auggie) and Ashley Simpson-Wentz (Violet) had been axed from the show. Sadly, the show must go on and go on Melrose Place will. Where it will go to is anybody’s guess. We still have 90210 and Gossip Girl, plus all the other shows that the CW features. The CW Blog has all the scoop on November sweeps and we couldn’t be more excited. Click on the link and let us take you there!