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June 2010 Jackass of the Month: J.T. Hellstrom

Little reason needs to be given why Y&R’s J.T. Hellstrom has earned the esteemed title of Jackass of the Month. In the past year, J.T. has been on a mission to prove that the Newmans, especially Victoria, are the most horrible people on earth. Little does he know that his actions prove that J.T. is more like Victor everyday! I am not saying that J.T. doesn’t have the right to be angry over Victoria’s discretions, but keeping her son from her while schmoozing with Mac is too much!

Y&R: Mac & JT’s Steamy Liplock!

This week on Y&R, the custody battle over Reid continues. Victoria will challenge JT and the couple will get in a verbal brawl. Icky Vicky will bitch slap JT and run off to lick her own wounds, leaving JT all alone with Mac. JT will then run into Mac and a steamy liplock will ensue. The bliss of the kiss will be over when Victoria spots Mac using a key to get into JT’s apartment. Victoria will hand Mac her ass, only succeeding in pushing her closer to JT. What a conundrum! Who do you think should get custody of Reid? Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Y&R: A Love Trade-Off?

1Victoria left Genoa City so that she and husband JT can put their relationship into perspective. I cannot speak for Victoria, but all JT has been doing since she left is whine and lean on ex-girlfriend Mac for support. The sickeningly sick Mac is more than happy to give it to him. On New Years Eve, we saw that despite the years of discord between Victoria and Billy, there is an electricity between them that cannot be denied. This week, Billy and Vicky get trapped at the airport together because of the weather and their bond will continue to grow. Is JT going to end up with Mac and Victoria with Billy? That is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure, the Hellstrom-Newman marriage is in serious trouble and these outside interferences are only going to cause the rift between them to grow. Oh. And let us not forget about the ever intriguing Heather Stevens, who has also caught Billy’s attention and tested out a bit of his bed side manner!