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B&B: Love for Dr. Lips!


Finally! I never thought I would see the day when Taylor Hayes Forrester (B&B) would find anyone besides Ridge to love. Taylor’s relationship with Rick was a joke and the rest of her love life should just be filed under T for tragedy. After her surprise date with Whip, Dr. Lips broke things off before they even began, fearful of getting hurt by yet another serving of Brooke’s sloppy seconds.

Apparently, Whip does not take rejection well. After showing up at her office under the guise of mental illness, Whip was able to sway Dr. Lips with his charms. It would appear as if a second date is imminent. Whip is hot and Taylor is actually likable again when she is around him. Fans are loving this new coupling, and so am I! I want more. What do you think of “Whaylor”? Are you loving it, hating it, or just don’t give a damn? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks!

B&B: Who The Hell is Agnes?!


Today, more progress was made in Bridget & Nick’s surrogacy procedure, as the fertilized eggs were implanted in their new “home” inside Sandy.

Jackie took her two admirers, Owen and Whip, to go congratulate the couple and meet the generous selfless woman that is going to be carrying their baby for 9 months. However, they conveniently didn’t get to meet Sandy just yet since she was resting. Whip was apparently so anxious to meet her that he snuck into the room and was shocked when the woman turned out to be “Agnes”, and it looked like Sandy was just as shocked to see him.

Many people (GH fans) are excited to see Sarah J. Brown and Rick Hearst together on screen again, but how could Whip be connected to Sandy or “Agnes”?!

The other big thing that started building up today was Betty White’s return as the infamous Ann Douglas… Stephanie stopped by the Catwalk studio to inform Pam that Ann will be arriving in LA soon for a surprise and mysterious visit. Pammy was scared like a 5 year old after hearing this. Both sisters agreed that Ann must have an agenda behind this visit.

Ann returning to LA is said to be going to rock both of her daughters’ lives and the story is a big part of B&B’s sweeps, so look for drama to start unfolding later this week.




What An Asshole!: B&B

I am not sure how you would classify Owen Knight after today’s episode of B&B, but I definitely call him an asshole with a capital A. Was Jackie wrong for smooching and canoodling with Whip? Maybe so. owenHowever, how can Owen judge when he conveniently omitted having a twin since he came on the show?

Soap marriages usually turn out to be boring and tedious, or short and explosive. I have the distinct feeling that the Jackowen union will be the latter. Whip is more suited for Jackie, if ever a man could be suited for her. Owen is deemed by many, including myself, to be a temporary whim of boy toy fancy for Jackie.

owen and jackieWhat was irritating about this couple’s argument today was Owen’s lack of respect for Jackie’s feelings. He was like a child whose feelings had been hurt. I almost expected Owen to ask Jackie for a band aid. He reduced Jackie to tears and laid out a thick carpet of guilt for her to step on. It was pathetic.

According to next week’s spoilers, Owen will cave into Jackie under the condition that she stay far away from Whip. I don’t think she will be able to do it. I wouldn’t be able to!

Jackowen or Jip?: B&B

Remember just a couple of months ago when Jackie and Owen were the hottest thing on B&B? I do too, and I wish I didn’t. What was an exciting couple has turned into joke. owen2Their marriage, if you can call it that, is based on sex and the fact that Owen is fun to have sex with. As much as I love to see Brandon Beemer in his black boxer briefs, I would really like to see him tackle some serious storyline as well. That is, if the writers of B&B were capable of such a feat. That’s for another day…

Enter Whip, who I was certain would be paired with ex-wife Brooke. Stephanie hired Whip to handle some things for her, but I am not sure that Jackie was one of them. Regardless, our conniving business man has taken quite a liking to our local cougar.

jackie and whipSo what is the prognosis, you may ask? This week, Jackie and Owen will get into a marital spat and Jackie will sleep with Whip.

Prediction: Jackie will find true love for the first time with Whip, but stay with Owen, struggling with the love of both men, yada, yada, yada. Owen’s true motives for marrying Jackie will be exposed by Whip, and Whip and Jackie will be together. Then, when Jackie is done with Whip, she will trade him in for a younger, less intelligent companion, as usual.