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Y&R Spoiler Alert 4/26: Patty and Sarah Team Up!

Victor tells Michael and Nick why he is confessing.

Sara coaches Patty, reminding her she once shot Jack!

Sharon tells Nick it’s his freedom or his father’s, and Nick’s kids need him!

Sharon and Phyllis work together once again!

Sara and Patty team up and plot to kill!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 4/19: Jill’s Gets Another Exclusive!

Jill finds herself with another explosive exclusive for Restless Style

Jill weighs her options

Ashley and Neil teeter on the brink of taking their relationship to the next level

Malcolm finds himself between a rock and a hard place when a mysterious firecracker of a woman comes to town

Nick and Sharon grow closer as they bond with their baby daughter

Y&R Spoiler Alert 4/12

Chance announces that he will find out who murdered Adam Newman.

Michael and Kevin try to uncover the truth about Daisy and Ryder and their evil plan.

Victoria makes a personal sacrifice for Reed’s sake.

Paul shows Michael and Kevin astounding footage from Ryder and Daisy’s jail cell! (It shows Sara’s face).

JT learns that Vikki is a person of interest in Adam’s death!

Victor tells the D.A. that he backslapped Adam at the ball – that’s how the watch broke and got blood on it!

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Y&R Spoiler Alert 3/22: Someone’s on to Patty!

Billy and Victoria start getting closer. Chance pops the question and Chloe gives her decision (don’t do it girl!). Someone figures out Patty is pretending to be Emily. The good folks of Genoa City have a masquerade ball. For more in depth scoop, click here to be taken to DC for Jillian’s spoilers. Thanks!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 3/15: Ashley takes Faith and leaves GC!


Family and friends attempt to make Ashley realize Faith is really Nick and Sharon’s daughter. Ashley refuses to fathom the baby she loves isn’t hers and is hopeful Victor can prove everyone wrong. Billy and Jack wonder if their sister’s starting to crack up again and are fueled further when she recalls Faith’s delivery. Ashley relays the night she “gave birth,” but her tale has key pieces missing. As she’s telling her story, Ashley realizes she can remember being unconscious and coming to, but not being in labor. Meanwhile, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon swing by Ash’s to visit with Faith where she’s still firm on Faith being her child and not her former stepson’s. Need more Y&R scoop? Click here to be taken to Jillian’s Y&R spoilers over at Daytime Confidential! Thanks!