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Y&R Spoiler Alert 2/22


Diane shows up in Genoa City, just in time to have a major catfight with Phyllis. Sharon will be forced to accept the truth about her new husband. Billy and Jill will join forces to dig up dirt on Tucker McCall. For the rest of the scoop, click here. Daytime Confidential’s Jillian has all the detailed spoilers.

Y&R Spoiler Alert 2/15


Katherine hits paydirt on information that can destroy Tucker. Kevin goes to his family for help and a mysterious person swoops in on Cane’s rebuilt life in Genoa City, which may blow everything in his world apart. For the rest of next week’s scoop, click here. We will take you to Daytime Confidential where Jillian has the deets. Thanks!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 2/05

Jana starts to zero in on Ryder and Daisy’s connection. Daisy keeps hustling Lauren. Tucker finds out someone’s snooping 1into his past. Billy and Victoria are both stuck in a New York airport. The duo decide to hang out in the bar. The Newman heiress gets pissed when the Abbott playboy gives her a copy of Restless Style….and if you want to know the rest, go see Jillian at Daytime Confidential!