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Another Baby Switch Say What?!

Sorry boys and girls, it looks like Y&R is going to go where every soap has gone before. Over and oversharon again. Ray Charles can see that Ashley is headed to the psychiatric hospital, and we would bet cash money that Sharon will just happen to be in the same ward. How many psych wards can there be in Genoa City anyway?

adamAdam has been laying some of the groundwork for a baby switch but most of it has been dumb luck. It doesn’t really matter how it happened. Ashley thinks that Adam is the only person in the world that she can trust. We all know how far that has gotten her up to ashley1this point.

How Adam will get away with it is beyond us. What we do know is that nothing that Adam pulls, or gets away with, surprises us anymore. Neither do baby switch story lines. Let’s see: Katherine and Jill, Nina and Rose, and Sheila and Lauren. We admit that Y&R usually does it better than the other soaps, but we wonder when this tired story line will be put down for a nap.

If the maybe-baby does get switched with the not-so baby, what of Sharon? How far into the depths of insanity will she be driven?

Kid Sister & Me: Y&R

It was no secret that Mary Jane’s true identity would finally be revealed to Paul this week. After following Mary Jane to her room, Paul eavesdropped from around the corner while she tried to extract Sharon info from a maid. He called J.T. and told him that it was not Patty, but Mary Jane lurking around in the tacky blond wig.

The maid exited stage right and Paul shoved his way into Mary Jane’s room just as she was trying to make her great escape. They had a little bit of a tussle and Mary Jane busted out a blade. Paul staredmaryjane1 at Mary Jane in horror as she confessed to all of things that she had done and the reason why she did them. Tears welled in his eyes and she told him all the sordid details of her obsession for Jack.

When Mary Jane finally revealed that she was Paul’s psycho sister Patty after all, Paul fell to the ground, screaming in a mix of fear and desperation. He covered his face as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

paul11Paul has been crying a lot lately, and we are not complaining! Doug Davidson is seriously underused on Y&R. I for one would love to see Paul on screen daily, which is how it has been as of late. We haven’t seen Doug break bad on a scene like that since the days of Christine and Isabella.

John Abbott: Never In The Shadow

john1It has been three years to the day since John Abbott died on Y&R. Of course, the show must go on. However, I think we all can agree that without John on our screen, the show has changed over the last three years. It was so nice to see John appear to Jack on today’s eppy. John complimented Jack on his abilities as the patriarch of the Abbott family since his passing. Jack responded that John would always be the patriarch of the family and that he would always walk in his father’s shadow. Amidst all the other craziness on the show lately, it was a classic moment and a great tribute to the character of John.

John appears in ghostly form every so often to counsel his children for the greater good. john2I’m not sure that even John can pull Ashley out of this abyss that Adam has led her into. It is unfortunate that Ashley has to go through all this; however it always a welcome surprise to see the king of Jabot.

Insane Y&R Rumors

My boy Robert called me with the news that he had heard some crazy, yet unreliable rumors/spoilers. The craziness is as follows:

1. Mary Jane will meet an untimely death. Adam will benefit by receiving her eyes through organ donation.

2. Phillip and Nina will be on the cover of the first gay issue of Restless Style.

3. Tyra will be the surrogate baby carrier for Lily and Cane.

4. I have said this before, Daniel and Deacon are brothers.

5. Gloria Fisher killed Deacon’s mother.

Again friends, these are insane rumors so please do not put any stock in them. However, leave us your thoughts. I think the organ donation thing is pretty cool myself….