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Y&R: Mac & JT’s Steamy Liplock!

This week on Y&R, the custody battle over Reid continues. Victoria will challenge JT and the couple will get in a verbal brawl. Icky Vicky will bitch slap JT and run off to lick her own wounds, leaving JT all alone with Mac. JT will then run into Mac and a steamy liplock will ensue. The bliss of the kiss will be over when Victoria spots Mac using a key to get into JT’s apartment. Victoria will hand Mac her ass, only succeeding in pushing her closer to JT. What a conundrum! Who do you think should get custody of Reid? Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 4/26: Patty and Sarah Team Up!

Victor tells Michael and Nick why he is confessing.

Sara coaches Patty, reminding her she once shot Jack!

Sharon tells Nick it’s his freedom or his father’s, and Nick’s kids need him!

Sharon and Phyllis work together once again!

Sara and Patty team up and plot to kill!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 4/12

Chance announces that he will find out who murdered Adam Newman.

Michael and Kevin try to uncover the truth about Daisy and Ryder and their evil plan.

Victoria makes a personal sacrifice for Reed’s sake.

Paul shows Michael and Kevin astounding footage from Ryder and Daisy’s jail cell! (It shows Sara’s face).

JT learns that Vikki is a person of interest in Adam’s death!

Victor tells the D.A. that he backslapped Adam at the ball – that’s how the watch broke and got blood on it!

Thanks to Soaps.com for the scoop!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 4/5: An Explosion Rocks the Masquerade Ball!

There will be an explosion at the Masquerade Ball caused by a gas leak.

Kevin receives a clue that may lead him to Jana.

Chloe and Nina go head to head over Chance.

Nick and Sharon bond as they bond with Faith.

Phyllis is totally stressed.

Adam finally acknowledges part of his guilt.

Adam gets desperate and resorts to drastic measures.

Someone is murdered!

Billy doesn’t care about JT’s reaction to his relationship with Victoria.

Victor has issues with Victoria’s relationship with Billy.

Mackenzie and JT continue to get closer.

Billy and Victoria’s forbidden love causes even more strain between the Abbotts and the Newmans.

Amber’s desire for a baby puts stress on her marriage to Daniel.

Amber leaves Genoa City

Abby comes home, rebellious as ever.

Eden may have to come home when things get bad in GC.

Adam may be gone, but his presence may linger on.

Adam’s horrifying actions have a long term impact on everyone in GC.

Another wedding may be on the horizon…