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Y&R Spoiler Alert 3/22: Someone’s on to Patty!

Billy and Victoria start getting closer. Chance pops the question and Chloe gives her decision (don’t do it girl!). Someone figures out Patty is pretending to be Emily. The good folks of Genoa City have a masquerade ball. For more in depth scoop, click here to be taken to DC for Jillian’s spoilers. Thanks!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 3/15: Ashley takes Faith and leaves GC!


Family and friends attempt to make Ashley realize Faith is really Nick and Sharon’s daughter. Ashley refuses to fathom the baby she loves isn’t hers and is hopeful Victor can prove everyone wrong. Billy and Jack wonder if their sister’s starting to crack up again and are fueled further when she recalls Faith’s delivery. Ashley relays the night she “gave birth,” but her tale has key pieces missing. As she’s telling her story, Ashley realizes she can remember being unconscious and coming to, but not being in labor. Meanwhile, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon swing by Ash’s to visit with Faith where she’s still firm on Faith being her child and not her former stepson’s. Need more Y&R scoop? Click here to be taken to Jillian’s Y&R spoilers over at Daytime Confidential! Thanks!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 2/05

Jana starts to zero in on Ryder and Daisy’s connection. Daisy keeps hustling Lauren. Tucker finds out someone’s snooping 1into his past. Billy and Victoria are both stuck in a New York airport. The duo decide to hang out in the bar. The Newman heiress gets pissed when the Abbott playboy gives her a copy of Restless Style….and if you want to know the rest, go see Jillian at Daytime Confidential!

Y&R Spoiler Alert: 2/01


Katherine flips the script on her long lost son. In the weeks leading up to her one and only love’s wedding to Emily, Patty starts to unravel a bit more and Old Smilin’ Jack, along with Ashley, find out Jabot’s status. For the rest of the scoop, head to Daytime Confidential. Jillian’s got the latest!

Y&R Spoiler Alert 1/25

The family reunion and togetherness ends for the Victor when they shun him (that didn’t take long). Ashley starts to have flashbacks of the night she fell down the stairs. Gloria tries to strike a alliance with Jack (tell her to kick rocks Jack!). Daisy sets up Lauren. Need more? Go to Daytime Confidential for the rest of the scoop!